Motorola T305 Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker

If you are looking to buy Motorola T305 Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker, make sure to read the features first. There are 381 reviews for this priced cheap Motorola T305 Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker.

Motorola T305 Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker

  • Palm-sized Bluetooth handsfree speaker for using in the car
  • Clips to your sun visor; powerful 1-watt speaker
  • Effortless controls–press a button for power, another for calls, and 2 more for volume
  • Includes mini USB vehicle power adaptor for easy charging
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time, up to 200 hours of standby time


Taking notes while listening to a conversation.

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  • What color would you prefer?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

The T305 Bluetooth Portable Hands-Free Speaker has high quality audio capabilities and is optimized for use in your car. The sleek and intuitive design makes it easy to just clip, connect, and go.

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Rating: (stars out of 381 reviews)

Price: $ 27.99

5 Responses to “Motorola T305 Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker

  • Review by Philip R. Heath

    Philip R. Heath
    I was looking for a replacement for my bluetooth headset when I started looking at bluetooth speakerphones. After doing some research, I was looking for the following:

    * No installation – I wanted to use it in multiple vehicles/locations

    * Reasonable price

    * Trusted brand

    * Good sound quality

    * Easy to use

    I am happy to report that the T305 does a good (sometimes great) job of satisfying my requirements. Here’s a look at how it has performed:

    Setup – Upon opening the box, there are really two things to do: insert the visor clip which is easily secured and use the car charger that comes with the unit. While the instructions said that charging could take up to two hours, my unit fully charged in about 30 minutes. Once complete, simply power on the device, and it automatically enters pairing mode. I was able to find it with my LG VX-9900 (see my review) with no problems at all.

    Use – Coming from a background of using headsets, I must say that I cannot imagine going back. I really like not having anything hanging on my ear (and sometimes inserted in my ear depending on the headset). This model also seems geared toward the people who use headsets because the operation is very similar. One nice thing is that the power button is separate from the multi-function button. With my 9900, I am able to initiate voice dialing from the speakerphone and with the 9900 set to auto-answer, calls are automatically transferred after 2 seconds. The volume controls on the sides are easily accessible and operate similar to most headsets. I never have to touch my phone at all so it truly is hands-free.

    Call Quality – All of the above is meaningless if the calls don’t sound good, right? Well, have no fear. The call quality for both parties is better than any headset that I have ever used – and I’ve used six different ones over last 2 years. Some of this has to do with positioning. In the Texas heat, most people have their AC on a high setting. Unfortunately, most headsets are positioned directly in line with the air flow. However with a visor clip-on of this speakerphone, this is not the case. Add to that the noise canceling technology, and the people on the other end hardly know that they are on speakerphone at all. On my end, the volume is more than adequate. It’s really a simple matter of physics – the speaker is bigger here than it is on a headset.

    Cons – So what’s the catch? As I mentioned earlier, the device only ships with a car charger. I ordered (rather cheaply) a wall charger to compensate for this. While it was annoying, it wasn’t the end of the world. Others have mentioned the flashing blue light. I have to admit that the first time I was driving in the dark, it was initially distracting. However, I got used to it rather quickly, and I don’t notice it anymore. I would compare it to getting a new car that has a loud turn signal. You notice it a lot at first, but you learn to tune it out. Also, it does not have a display, but then again, neither do headsets. Finally, I use it in a similar manner to a headset. I take it with me when I get out of the car, and I power it off between uses. It’s not an integrated speakerphone so it isn’t tied to your car’s power supply like more sophisticated (and expensive) models. None of these are deal-breakers for me.

    Bottom line – If you are looking for a good alternative to bluetooth headsets, and you intended use pattern will be similar to that of a headset, then this is what you are looking for. It has great quality, and it’s easy to use.

  • Review by S. Power

    S. Power
    Pros: Good sound quality for each side of the conversation. Good battery life, easy recharging, simple to use. Basically perfect except for my cons..

    Cons: Huge blinking blue light is annoying at night and invisible during the day. Sometimes it take a second for it to answer a call when you click the answer button. I guess the solution for that is probably to wait a few seconds after answering before saying “hello”. This flaw also demonstrates itself when using VZ Navigator, because it cuts off the first word of driving instructions. This flaw might be from my MOTOKRZR phone and not from the T305, but I don’t have any way to know which end causes it.

    Another reviewer stated that the “on/off” button is too small. When I first read that, I didn’t know why it matters. I now know. At least with a MOTOKRZR (and I’d assume other phones), the speaker on your phone will be inactive when it is connected via Bluetooth to your T305. With 150 feet of range, it actually stays connected if you are 150 feet from your car. Therefore you have to turn it off every time you get out of the car, or else you won’t be able to hear calls you receive on your phone. It isn’t a huge deal, and something you can get used to, but Motorola should have either made the on/off button more accessible or cut the Bluetooth range down to about 15 feet.

    Overall the best handsfree solution for talking in the car. The light thing is my biggest annoyance. I would buy again. (I updated this post after about a month of use)

  • Review by Mark D

    Mark D
    I bought the T305 to replace a device made by Parrot which recently broke. This is a far superior product. The speaker sound is excellent and from the feedback I’ve received from people I have called, the microphone delivers a crisp sound as well. I haven’t had the T305 long enough to give a rating on the battery life, but it appears to be more than adequate. The speaker clips to the visor and can be charged in the car or through any mini-USB charger. Nice job Motorola!

  • Review by JOEKC

    As much as I wanted to like the Motorola T305, in the end couldn’t live with its shortcomings. First of all, the good news: it actually works well enough and the sound is highly legible and the volume is very good. It paired easily with my LG enV. The phone’s voice prompts were scratchy and hard to understand, but they’re like that on speakerphone, so it’s not the T305’s fault. Once you make a connection, the other party sounds fine. And they can hear you fine, too. But that’s where the party ends.

    Your first problem will be charging your new toy. Guess what? It can only be charged in your car (no a.c. adapter is included.) It needs two hours for a full charge. My car shuts off power to my car’s power adapter (aka cigarette lighter) when I turn off the car, so even if I were inclined to leave it plugged in for two hours, I would need to leave the car turned to “accessory on” to charge it — and that could be a battery killer. You can buy an a.c. to 12 volt adapter at Radio Shack, but you shouldn’t have to. And the manual warns you not to charge it while it’s on your visor, so it becomes less functional while you drive around for two hours charging it? Huh? It will use a Motorola a.c. adapter if you have one for your Razr, etc., but otherwise, you’ll have my problem.

    The next engineering failure is the light. You have no way to tell if it’s turned on during the day, because the shiny plastic cover over the light reflects so much ambient light you can’t see it. And it’s important to see it, because if it’s flashing it’s paired with your phone and if it’s steady, it’s not paired and thus non-functional. It’s also important because if you leave your car for 30 minutes, the T305 shuts off automatically. There will be nothing to indicate it’s off when you get back after, perhaps, 31 minutes, since the light can’t be seen during the day anyway. Since the T305 claims 200 hours standby time (or on another part of their Web site 14 days — which is it?) I have no idea why the T305 should shut off after 30 minutes away from your phone. I first tried to see the light on a cloudy, rainy day and could barely detect it. On a sunny day, even though there was no direct light shining on it, I couldn’t see it without taking it off the visor and shading it with my hand. Try that in traffic!

    But the light’s problem doesn’t stop there. At night it’s highly visible, an annoying blue pulse, right above your line of sight. Totally unacceptable. My wife asked me to turn it off, and she was in the passenger seat.

    So, still trying to make this work, I figured I would just leave it turned off all the time until I heard the phone ring. Well, that’s a no-go also. The on-off switch is incredibly tiny and hard to find — it’s the same color as the case and is flush with the case and non-tactile.You are required to hold it down until the light comes on (which you can’t see anyway) and then it has to connect with your phone. By that time your call’s gone to voicemail or just gone, period.

    What really puzzles me is this is the second generation of this device Motorola produced. What must the first have been like?

    It may be that all of the issues I’ve described are unimportant to you in light of the fact the T305 actually sounds rather good. For that I give it a couple of stars. But the T305 is like an attractive spouse with a million bad habits. My marriage to the T305 quickly ended in divorce.

  • Review by CG

    First let me start by saying this is much better than having an earpiece in my ear. It is small and clips easliy to my sun visor. It is also very easy to use as there are only 4 buttons to push:

    1) Power button

    2) Answer call/end call button

    3) Volume up button

    4) Volume down button

    In addition you can mute the call by pressing the 2 volume buttons at once.

    This paried flawlessly with my Nokia 6102i phone. You can also use voice commands to dial by saying the name into the speaker.

    People on the other end of the call say it sounds just as if I was on my cell phone and not a speaker. They also say the background noise is not bad either.

    Overall I would recommend this product. I am not a big talker in the car and like the freedom of being able to push one button to answer a call. Don’t expect the quality of one of those more expensive integrated bluetooth systems. But for the price this is a nice product.

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