Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Planning to buy Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (black (with red side button)) so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (black (with red side button)).

Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (black (with red side button))

  • Over-the-Ear Headphones
  • Music Pauses for Incoming Call. Up to 11 Hours Music/Talk Time


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Does it install easily?

Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset: High-Quality Audio Streaming from Bluetooth Device. Over-the-Ear Headphones. Power, Call, Media and Volume Keys. Music Pauses for Incoming Call. Up to 11 Hours Music/Talk Time.

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3 Responses to “Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

  • Review by Michael Koleosho

    So fed up with the appalling performance, quality and durability of other products – see my other feedbacks especially on Blue Ant – that I have had to date that I was determined to get the best eventually. Nokia’s BH-501 or Cardo-S2 was on my mind but given the fragility of these high performing headsets, I decided to venture out a bit and see the latest of headsets, read some reviews of Nokia’s upgrade to my snapped BH-501 (twice)- the BH-503… here is my story!

    This product was instantly impressive on opening it up from its cute box – just got mine through Ebay this morning – very stylish, lightweight, impressively sturdy (not at all fragile like its predeccessor BH-501 which snapped on both occasions) with the most fragile part(back of neck of the earlier BH-501) now solidly reinforced – just like the fine Motorola HT820.

    The ear speakers’ padding are well sealed into the frame, ok you cannot fold the headset but hey, who cares? Nokia provided a protective carry bag which does the job. I was also impressed with the flatness which somehow made it appear flatter on the head – not like an alien when looked at from the wearer’s front profile.

    The colour combination – overall black with a touch of red areas around the ear speakers – is just right and gives it a fashionable look and “not-too-in-your-face” colours.

    When taking it off, there is enough reassuring flexibility that will not break. And when you then place it down on a flat surface, it sits well-balanced on the surface. Without a doubt, Nokia has put a lot of efforts and thoughts into this headset and its design that I don’t see a match for them yet….and I am watching and testing.

    Since I did not have the time to first charge it before use, I know enough about these bluetooth devices to know that they have enough charge to test the headset. With a quick glance at the slim user guide, controlling the headset is a doodle, even the most technologically-challenge must praise Nokia for child-friendly operateability.
    I paired with my HTC 7500 phone and quick as a flash, it is paired…..

    Now to the sound…..I connected as usual to Sky.FM Smooth jazz radio and the music output, clarity, astonishingly balanced bass and treble tuned perfectly gave that exceptional stereophonic feeling that it brought smile to my face 🙂 The maximum level can blow your eardrums if not careful! How do they manage this?!? This is equally true for speech
    streams too….used BBC radio 4 RantRadio Talk and WNYC – AM speech radio outputs!

    Finally, I made a couple of phone calls, and there was no complaints of non-clarity of speech, muffled speech etc…I even asked a recipient if they can hear me properly and he said perfectly clear! say no more… Oh by the way, the reserved charge on this Nokia lasted well into my 1.5hours journey to work and still going strong. I then topped up the charge to full in less than 2 hours!

    Mike’s Verdict:

    For just £55 (UK) it is worth every penny tagged to it! When I consider that the very expensive but cheap, tacky Blue Ant X5 headset with ineffective protruding micriophone that makes one look like a call centre operator, charged ‘an arm and a leg’ essentially a crap product, then its with gratefulness to have this high-class product.


    **** UPDATES ****

    18 or so months later……

    There has been no day that has gone by, that I have not used this headset as it is my only headset for my handset, wired are absolutely rubbish with superior handset like the HTC Advantage 7500 (that’s mine!), and besides I hate the ideas of wires all over my head …and …face….;)

    I am looking at this headset on my desk right now, and believe it or not, despite the all-waether DAILY wear and tear it is has been subjected to, there has been not degradation of anything on this headset, no expansion in the head-wrap, no loss or tear of ear pads on either side of the ears, the mic is clear with not particle obstructions, ALL functions buttons and actually quality of sound produced is still as perfect. This is unbelievable, there nothing like this ever seen, its just made like the old solid-state electronics goods – that NEVER breaks down! I have bought extra should, if per chance, it eventually just gets crushed by a truck (it has so far succeeded in drop from my head and stepped on) or dropped inside the Atlantic ocean (so far it has succeeded in light and heavy rain)! Potential buyers WILL NOT REGRET investment in this product, if you do then something is…

  • Review by Oatnet "Oatnet"

    An earlier reviewer commented that these ‘slid down his ears’ and ‘hurt his ears’. I would suspect that he is not tucking the band behind his ears – just like we do with eyeglasses – just like we do with most behind-the-head headsets. However I am sure that there are some people whose head shape doesn’t work with _any_ behind-the-head style headphones, including this one, given the variety of humanity.

    My head fits most behind-the-head headphones, and I find the Nokia BH-503’s very comfortable. I have worn them for as much as 5 hours at a time, and they were still comfortable when I took them off. Battery life is excellent – I don’t know how long they last because my usage varies widely – but sometimes I go a week before getting around to recharging them, and I haven’t run out of juice on them yet.

    However, the big deal with the BH-503 is SOUND QUALITY. These sound really good. I am a sound quality snob, who previously, reluctantly, compromised on sound quality to get wireless convenience. The best sound quality I had previously found was the Motorokr s305, which was light and functional, and sound quality was much better compared to everything else I had tried, but not great.

    However, with the BH-503, sound quality is GREAT, no more compromises for wireless convenience. If you liked the Sennheiser PMX-100 headphones, you will be pleased with these. Microphone quality is also excellent.

    The headphones work very well with the iPhone 3GS, both for listening to music and making phone calls. With OS 3.1, you can also use voice commands to choose next track/previous track (apple blocks only those buttons from the bluetooth profile) as well as ‘Call Robert’ or ‘Play Pink Floyd’. The action on the buttons is great, and I have frequently used these while sweating profusely for hours, and they just keep on working.

    To be fair, they are much larger and heavier than the Motorokr s305. The BH503’s larger size adds to the ‘Princess Leia’ effect all behind-the-head headphones suffer from. I am aware of their weight on my head, whereas the s305 almost seemed to disappear. I see the tradeoff as being between Better sound and lighter weight. For me, I prefer the better sound, so I will stick with the Nokia BH-503.

  • Review by Adriano Silva de Carvalho

    This headset is ok but it have two major flaws:
    It is too heavy to be kept over the ears. In one hour you will be in pain.
    I use it to listen to presentations so I place it into MUTE. When I do that the headset keeps producing two long and loud beeps at 10-seconds intervals. After two minutes you will conclude that you made a bad buy and search for something else. I really don’t understand why they created this anoying “feature”.
    If you just want to listen to music and have strong ears then I think it’s ok.

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