Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones

Planning to buy Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones, Edition SHS5200/28. It replaces the former SHS5200.

Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones SHS5200/28

  • Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones SHS5200/28
  • 24k gold-plated plug ensures an ultra reliable connection Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound
  • Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response Comfort is enhanced for long-term use Ergonomic cushions improve wearing comfort and bass
  • Pull Relief System increases cable dependability Reflective neckband stays visible in the dark for safety
  • Single-sided cable reduces tangling and improves comfort Textile covered cable lasts longer and prevents tangling
  • Bass-Beat Vents Allow Air Movement For Better Sound
  • Ear Cushions Improve Wearing Comfort & Bass Response
  • Pull Relief System Increases Cable Dependability
  • Reflective Neckband Headphones Give Extra Visibility & Safety


For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Does the cell phone headset work in a car environment? Truck? On the streets?

Check out the other customer’s reviews before making a purchase.

5 Responses to “Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones

  • Review by Ethan Jacobs "ej"

    I wear these a lot , cause I walk dogs for a living. There are three great things about this product.

    1. The bass quality is superb, I compared it to my old headset, which I threw out into the highway. It’s because there is more airflow allowed to the speaker via three ducts

    2. The cord is nylon wound.. yeah. it is not going to strip easily and is really durable.

    3. Phillips attached a piece of elastic to give some added ‘give’ in case of random tugs. It works, and has save me about 7 times in a week.

    The design is great too, they are comfortable, but not after a LONG time.
    you wouldn’t want them (or any behind the head phones) on a plane.

    A great buy, they’re gonna last too.

  • Review by N. Schimpf "mrschimpf"

    In the past I have had absolutely no problems with these headphones at all. In it’s original form they were rugged and took all kinds of abuse, and it took me 2 1/2 years to finally wear out the last pair I had with the original type of jack (the grey version which jutted in an L-shape), which I did modify by removing a small bit of the connector in order to use it with my iPhone without a problem. The audio quality has been consistent and good and I couldn’t ask more from a headphone set which cost me only around $15 on average.

    However in the last ten months, I have purchased three sets of this model, and managed to break them all in some way, because of a simple change.

    In order to get a “Made for iPhone” mark, Philips changed out the hardy grey L-shaped jack connector for a black one designed to fit the first-gen iPhone socket which is best described as utilitarian at best. The rubber used to create the jack is certainly not on par at all with the original model and is incredibly malleable compared to the original model. The first two sets ended up having the portion where the jack and the cord connected broken, causing the audio to stutter. The third set, the actual jack broke in half without too much pressure applied after an accidental hard pull. This is unacceptable for me as I use it in many settings, including my iPhone, my iPod, and a laptop.

    Until Philips addresses the problems with the current generation model with the current jack, I cannot recommend purchasing what is otherwise a fine set of headphones. I’m really hoping as the first-gen iPhones find their way to the dustbin of history and you can now connect any set of headphones to later iPhones that Philips brings back the original connector type. I really prefer the L connector to the current cheap straight connector which has only caused me to switch brands after four years of loyal use for these headphones.

  • Review by Jordan Cook

    I did my research before buying this pair of headphones, and it was well worth it. Besides their comfort, the sound quality is excellent, and their construction is great, too! I’ve bough many pairs of headphones over the past few years and I’ve always been dissapointed when the earpads begin to tear off or the plastic coating on the cord begins to fray…not with this pair!

  • Review by Mike S.

    How long is the cord on this set?

  • Review by Cell Phone Headsets

    The cord on this set is at least 4-5 feet long.

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