Plantronics 77043-03 Spare Headset Assembly Calisto Pro

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Plantronics 77043-03 Spare Headset Assembly Calisto Pro

  • Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • Wireless Technology Bluetooth
  • Earpiece Design Under-the-ear
  • Microphone Design Boom
  • Sound Mode Mono


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Buying Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • Does it install easily?

Plantronics Calisto Pro Series Headset; Manufacturer: Plantronics, Inc ; Manufacturer Website Address: ; Brand Name: Plantronics ; Product Series: Calisto Pro ; Product Name: Calisto Pro Series Headset ; Marketing Information: Replacement Bluetooth headset for Calisto Pro Series ; Product Type: Headset ; Connectivity Technology: Wireless ; Wireless Technology: Bluetooth ; Sound Mode: Mono ; Earpiece Design: Under-the-ear Earpiece Type: Monaural ; Microphone Design: Boom.

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2 Responses to “Plantronics 77043-03 Spare Headset Assembly Calisto Pro

  • Review by Alex "xd810"

    I purchased this headset to use with Draon Naturally Speaking for speech recognition.

    It works well for speech recognition, a lot better than the wired mike. Since my laptop has bluetooth capability, I am not using a USB adaptor, it’s connected directly to the computer.
    Also very good to be used with my cell phone. It’s the forst time my wife does not complain when I use a headset to call her.
    Confortable, it’s the only headset I can wear for periods of time without giving me a headache.

    Con: None really, just beware that the headset comes without a charger (because it’s a replacement). I purchased a sepparate charger for another $8.00 (shipping included). Anyway, it cost me a third than any other similar quality headset would have cost.

  • Review by Brian Allen

    I purchased this headset to use primarily with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It’s been working wonderfully for that purpose– recognition is good and playing back my recorded voice sounds great. It also works quite well with my iPhone as a standard BT headset. Perhaps my favorite bit is that it can bind with both the computer and the phone simultaneously– so I can be dictating to the computer and when a call comes in, just hit the button to answer.

    Three downsides I’ve found so far. One, it’s obviously a “replacement” unit, so you have to spend a fair amount to get a charger. Two, the construction is somewhat flimsy. The joint connecting the ear-loop to the body can’t take much abuse, and I’m worried I’ll be replacing it soon. That’s fine for sitting at my desk dictating, but not good for getting thrown in my bag and jostled around. Final downside is with respect to using it with your computer: the hell of bluetooth profiles.

    I’m running DNS on Windows XP sp3, through VMWare on a Mac. Since the Mac has built-in bluetooth, I figured I could just use that. And it all works… almost. Turns out that neither Microsoft (XP nor Windows 7) nor Apple (in their Bootcamp drivers) supply the “headset profile” that’s essential for using it for speech recognition. After many, many hours of struggle (installing several different bluetooth stacks, even reinstalling Windows 7) I finally broke down and bought a separate Bluetooth-USB dongle. That dongle included a CD with the headset profile and now everything works perfectly. But be warned if you want to use this for speech recognition: you must have the headset profile for your bluetooth adapter for it to work.

    In the end, I think it’s a good headset, and it serves me quite well, but if I were going to schlep it around with me everywhere, I’d go for a more sturdy product.

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