Plantronics Audio 355 Gaming Multimedia Headset

Cheap prices for Plantronics Audio 355 Gaming Multimedia Headset are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics Audio 355 Gaming Multimedia Headset.

Plantronics Audio 355 Gaming Multimedia Headset

  • 40mm stereo speakers deliver rich, resonant stereo with maximum bass response. Don’t just hear it–feel it.
  • Lightweight and flexible, the headset is comfortable for hours.
  • Pillow-soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions focus stereo sound for maximum enjoyment.
  • The QuickAdjust microphone telescopes and rotates for precise placement. When not in use, it rotates discreetly out of the way.
  • The noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise so you can easily be heard.


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Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Does it install easily?

When superior quality and versatility are requirements, the Plantronics Audio 355 Gaming multimedia headset is for you. Forty-millimeter speakers deliver studio-quality audio with maximum bass response. Don’t just hear music, DVDs, and games–feel them. For Skype, Windows Live, or Yahoo Messenger Internet calling, a QuickAdjust microphone provides precise placement and noise-canceling features ensure that Internet callers can hear you clearly.

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3 Responses to “Plantronics Audio 355 Gaming Multimedia Headset

  • Review by Nyssa Benthin

    This headset was the right price for what I needed for PC gaming/talking on aim/Skype. I wanted a quality headset microphone that would make me clear to hear to people.

    The mic quality is GREAT, and so is the sound quality of the headphones. The sounds are all clear and I had no hissing or anything. The headset feels very sturdy and of quality construction, especially the fabric-covered padding. I love how the headset folds up and away if needed. You can bend the sticking-out mic part forward/back towards your mouth, and then the joint at the head does up/down, so it’s a lot more precise than the loosey-goosey free wire-bending boom mics. It basically gives me the steady-placement FEEL of a hard plastic fixed position mic…only this one IS adjustable.

    My only complaint is the headband was TOO TIGHT – it pinches my earlobe tops against the padding to my head. I’ve been leaving it on a box to stretch out the plastic of the headband. My head is small by human standards and my ears are not large either – so I don’t know how other people feel about the tightness.

    For wearing with extended times of playing online games… was not comfortable unless stretched out (after being “de-tightened” by being left on a box to stretch it, it is good though).

    Also the plugs on the headset that plug into the back of the computer (this is an analog headset which is good cause I have many USB devices and I need those ports open) are not color coded – they are both black and look the same (they have tiny engraved symbols for ‘line out’ and ‘mic’ on them). One being RED would have been nice so it’s easy to see which is which – cause not everyone can easily see/get to the back of their computer. Mine is a large desktop tucked aganist a balcony edge….I have to lean way over and half blindly plug them in. Though this is easily fixed with some paint or color tape (already did that so problem solved) the designers should have thought of that I think.

  • Review by Jonny F. "-JonnyF-"

    Best gaming headset I ever used, beats all my logitechs, and my Bose!! Good buy good buy!

    PROS: Cheap, AWESOME for Price, Amazing sound quality, GOOD bass

    CONS: SHORT CORD, BEWARE, if you’re like me and walk around while on skype and such, you will not go far!

  • Review by Nam Clark

    I bought these based on other reviews and its price. Since having and using them for over 2 months now, I’m very satisfied. They sound very good, are very comfortable to wear, and the mic works very well. I use them to chat on MSN–still can’t figure out the problem w/Skype–and help me w/my language course, work perfectly. The adjustable mic is an added plus. My only negative would be that they tend to pinch my ears after a prolong session of chatting, not sure if that’s b/c they are new or designed that way. Overall, I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a solid pair of multimedia headphones at a VERY reasonable price.

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