Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone (CT14) Reviews

Planning to buy Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone (CT14) so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone (CT14).

Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone (CT14)

  • Superior call clarity: DECT 6.0 technology offers up to 300 ft. range and won’t interfere with wireless networks or home appliances
  • Talk up a storm: Up to 10 hours battery life/talk time; up to 8 days standby
  • Hands-free convenience. Ultra-compact take with you dial pad features an integrated belt/clothing clip
  • Convertible wearing style: Noise-canceling headset can be worn over-the-head or over-the-ear
  • Popular phone features: Caller ID/Call Waiting and one-touch voicemail access, mute, volume and redial functions


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  • How easy is it to use?

The CT14 Cordless Headset Phone from Plantronics offers the ideal combination of size, mobility and hands-free convenience. The CT14 combines an ultra-portable dial pad that lets you make or take calls up to 300 feet away from the charging base with an integrated noise-canceling headset. This complete DECT 6.0 single-line telephone system won┬┐t interfere with wireless networks or home appliances. The dial pad has up to 10 hours of talk time and includes features like Caller ID/Call Waiting.

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2 Responses to “Plantronics Cordless Headset Phone (CT14) Reviews

  • Review by Rubybear

    This is a great little phone, especially the fact that it’s hands-free. I suffer from hand pain, and it seems that Plantronics is the only company still making a hands-free phone. I hope they always do.

    I already have the CT11 model, made a few years ago. The CT14 is basically the same design, but they have made improvements over the CT11. The buttons are a little larger, and the paint contrast on them makes the lettering much easier to see. The screen is larger, and also easier to read. I need a magnifying glass to read the CT11 screen. Really.

    The new feature I like the best is the Over-The-Ear headset. It’s always been awkward putting a regular headset on quickly enough to answer the phone while it’s ringing. The over-the ear headset is so simple and fast to use, I just slip it on my ear and talk.

    The new DECT 6.0 is true to its claims that there is no interference. If I turn the microwave oven on while using the CT11, I have to leave the kitchen because of interference. The CT14 has no such problem. I haven’t tested its 300 ft range, yet.

    One thing odd about this phone is the `tin can’ sound of caller’s voices. I can hear them clearly, they just sort of sound like they are talking in a tin can. It’s not so bad that I can’t get used to it, though.

  • Review by Steve28804

    I received apparently one of the first Plantronics CT14 cordless headset telephones, and the bottom line is that there are no big surprises, which means I like the telephone given that I had high expectations in view of my previous experience with Plantronics quality. I did not have either of the previous models, CT12 or CT10, so I cannot compare to those. However at my office for a number of years I have been using a CS10 cordless headset system which works with a multi-line telephone, and I have become quite addicted to using a headset. Based on what I think is an objective test, the audio quality and volume of the CT14 are superb. The way I test that is to call my own voicemail and, during the same call, switch between various telephones while leaving a message. Then I listen to the recorded message, again switching among various telephones. That lets me hear the quality for myself, without relying on a person I am talking to for a report. One characteristic I am pleased to see included is that it is possible to chain dial from recorded numbers in the “phonebook.” Thus, when I use a calling card with a 1-800 access number I can then access the PIN in the phonebook to have that dialed as well, followed by the number of the person I am calling. With some other telephones, after you have used the “phonebook” and the call is in progress, the directory scrolling keys change to a different function (e.g. volume) and all the remaining numbers must be dialed by hand. The only negative thing I have to say about the CT14 is that there is a higher level of background noise than I am accustomed to, which I suspect (but do not know for sure) is an inherent part of the DECT 6.0 technology which uses a single frequency band for both sides of the conversation, and uses time division duplex. So, digitally, a lot is going on behind the scenes, and I think I am hearing digital artifacts. This is mitigated somewhat because there is ample volume. So the volume can be turned down, which reduces the background noise, while still being able to hear the person on the other side. At some point I may compare to another DECT 6.0 telephone, or attempt to see what Plantronics has on this issue. (Update: I called Plantronics and a very pleasant rep assured me that the background noise I am hearing is not normal. The background should be quiet. He gave me an RMA number to send back the telephone for a replacement, but before I do that I am going to try the telephone someplace else. It is possible there is some sort of electrical interference unique to my house. Now that I finally have this telephone, I am very reluctant to part with it for any length of time. I really like it.) Earlier complaints regarding the predecessor CT12 concerned interference with Wi-Fi networks, and it seems clear that is not a problem with the CT14. The CT14 operates on a different frequency band (1920-1930 MHz versus 2400-2500 MHz), and that is an advertised feature of the CT14.

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