Plantronics DA40 Headset To USB Adapter

If you are looking to buy Plantronics DA40 Headset To USB Adapter, make sure to read the features first. There are reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics HEADSET TO USB ADAPTER ( DA40 ).

Plantronics DA40 Headset To USB Adapter

  • VoIP capability when paired with any Plantronics professional headset
  • Specifically designed for enterprise office communication or employees with both a desk phone and a softphone
  • High-quality alternative to consumer-grade headset systems


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Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

Plantronics USB to quick disconnect headset adapter. Specifically for enterprise office munication or employees with both a desk phone and a softphone. The most economical enterprise-class solution available. Affordably joins enterprise-class headsets with VoIP softphones. High-quality alternative to consumer-grade headset systems. Compact size takes up minimal desk space. Cord plugs between puter’s USB and user’s quick disconnect headset. 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

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2 Responses to “Plantronics DA40 Headset To USB Adapter

  • Review by M. Cook

    I recently purchased the DA40 USB Headset adapter so that I could use my extremely comfortable Plantronics Supra Headset (H261) to take a class online. The DA40 is “plug and play” so there was no software to install. It has the quick release so you can easily switch from VOIP to landline. The only thing that would make it better is if it had an inline mute button, but the price of this item more than made up for it. The newer DA60 has that but is three times the price. I knew before I purchased the DA40 that the mute feature was missing, but didn’t think it was worth an extra $60 just for that.

  • Review by E. Nesbitt

    This is one of those products that is just well engineered. It plugs in, loads what it needs without a disk and has worked perfectly ever since. I do web sales presentatons and short webinars and then am right back on the phone and this is perfect. Worth the money!

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