Plantronics Discovery 650E Bluetooth Headset

Planning to buy Plantronics Discovery 650E Bluetooth Headset (Black, Silver) so make sure to read the reviews. There are 72 reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics Discovery 650E Bluetooth Headset (Black, Silver).

Plantronics Discovery 650E Bluetooth Headset (Black, Silver)

  • Comfortable Bluetooth communication headset with swivel earloop to fit in either ear
  • Innovative charging pocket powered by AAA battery; alerts you to incoming calls by vibrating
  • Multipoint technology allows you to stay connected with two Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Controls includes volume, call answer/end, last number redial, voice-activated dialing (requires compatible handset)
  • Up to 5 hours of talk time and 70 hours of standby time


In many states, there are fines for people who are caught talking on a cell phone. Talk in your car without fear of the police pulling you over and giving you a ticket.

Buying Questions

  • What color would you prefer?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

– Multipoint & longer talk time- Includes headset, 3 earpieces, stabilizer, vibrate pocket, AC charger & AAA charger- Supports Bluetooth(R) hands-free & headset profiles- Supports last number redial & voice-activated dialing- LED indicators signal missed calls & low batteryThe Plantronics Discovery 650E Bluetooth headset delivers racy good looks and multitasking performance. QuickPair technology quickly pairs it with your Bluetooth device while multipoint technology lets you switch effortlessly.

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

Rating: (stars out of 72 reviews)

Price: $ 29.99

5 Responses to “Plantronics Discovery 650E Bluetooth Headset

  • Review by Jaimon Jose

    Jaimon Jose
    I have been using Plantronics Voyager 510 for a while and very happy with that product. It was very light and comfortable and I hardly noticed it on my ear. unfortunately, I machine washed this unit along with my cloths (unknowingly 🙂 ) and obviously, it couldn’t sustain that.

    I was searching for another headset. I was looking for clear voice, noise reduction and capability to pair with multiple devices as I use two phones. I noticed Discovery 650 for its multi-point technology and the sleek design. However, I must say that I’m very disappointed and I will never recommend this to anyone.

    Given below are the problems I noticed…

    – Buttons are very hard. This is really a nuisance when you have to transfer call from headset to phone and reverse. You will really have to press and hold the headset against your ear canal and its very painful.

    – Headset behaves erratically at times. It doesn’t switch off/on or get connected to the phone.

    – Voice quality is not good. No noise canceling.. It even gives static at times.

    – The way ear buds are fitted to the headset is not good. It keeps coming off. There is a third component that keeps the headset fixed to the ear. But, even that keeps coming off.

    – You need to charge this unit frequently. I do this alternate days where as I used to charge Voyager 150 once in a week.

  • Review by SMN

    Short & sweet. I bought this because it was a good deal and the reviews were decent. The headsets I owned before this were… The Jawbone (Original) which had great audio and battery, but was uncomfortable and unpocketable. Then, the blueant Z9 serviceable comfort, bad sound and lost, due to the unstable built in clip. Moving on to the next victim.

    In it’s defense, this headset is the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. Bad news? The battery life is unforgivably short. The audio is mediocre. If you’re in a quiet place, it’s fine. Add ambient noise and the party is over. Also, should you lose the cleverly designed charging case, there is no longer a way to charge it. Had I known this before, it would have been a pass.

    Spend a few extra bucks.

    This one’s a pass.

  • Review by Xing Zhang

    Xing Zhang
    I purchased this sleek headset for my Sony Ericcson w580 cell phone (AT&T). After using it for a while, I found the following pros and cons.


    1) easy to hold it in ear. The gel is soft and comfortable.

    2) the standby time is fine and charging time is acceptable.

    3) the voice quality is good, even though not crystal clear.

    4) voice control is compatible with my cell.


    1) automatically disconnect with my cell. This pains me. But you can get it paired by pressing the power button of the headset for a few seconds.

    2) noise canceling is not so good and there’s some background noise. It sounds like you’re talking to the listener at a distance in a large empty room.

    3) the signal is not constantly good. When talking w/ my friends over the phone, sometimes he/she couldn’t hear me easily or completely. This happened to my side as well. Well, I have to say this may not be a problem w/ the headset always since the signal of ATT in my area is not that good, either.

  • Review by R. Lago

    R. Lago
    bought this for my iphone, works great. just turn it on, hold near the iphone, and plug in the access code. sounds great in the car, and walking around the house, although did notice some static with distance from iphone. very light, looks cool, barely notice it in your ear, works with or without the “ear” wrap attachment. would suggest for iphone users.

  • Review by Wenxun Zhou

    Wenxun Zhou
    Excellent sound, very well thought out design, good range and long battery life. Light and easy to wear, especially with the fitted eargels. Charging sleeve vibrates on incoming calls, allows you to leave phone on vibrate in backpack or bag, put headset in your shirt pocket and still get incoming calls. Taking phone out of sleeve answers call, putting it in hangs up. No DSP is a pro for me – I find most DSP implementations make calls sound robotic and muddled. My dad is hard-of-hearing and doesn’t mind it when I use this headset – that’s the ultimate test for me. I’ve tried 25-odd headsets and this is the one I use and recommend unreservedly.

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