Plantronics Explorer 330 Bluetooth Headset

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Plantronics Explorer 330 Bluetooth Headset

  • Affordable Bluetooth headset in Silver with classic, comfortable earloop that fits over either ear
  • Convenient, easy-to-use control for volume, call answer/end, last number redial and voice-activated dialing
  • QuickPair technology lets you easily pair your headset with your Bluetooth cell phone
  • Talk all day with up to 8 hours of continuous talk time with a rechargeable battery
  • Freedom to roam up to 10 meters from your Bluetooth device


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

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  • What color would you prefer?
  • Does it install easily?

Enjoy affordable, easy-to-use wireless freedom for Bluetooth® phones with the Plantronics Explorer 330 headset. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day, with a sleek, lightweight design that fits your style. Explorer 330 is simple to use with one-touch button controls, and weighs only 2/3 of an ounce! It has the longest talk time on the market without recharging, so keeping in touch with friends and family is comfortable and convenient.Light on the ear (as well as on the wallet), the Plantronic

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3 Responses to “Plantronics Explorer 330 Bluetooth Headset

  • Review by Plantronics Fan

    This Thanksgiving and Black Friday, instead of standing in the line for the deals, I spent the time online looking for a Bluetooth headset. For some reason, I ended up buying 4 headsets on a leading auction site. Apart from this one, I got a Motorola H3 and two Samsung WEP200. Of all the three models, this one turned out to be the best engineered product.

    I’m someone who puts more emphasis on the functionality than the styling or looks. My take on the form: Apart from the the hook that goes around the ear, the part that you put in the ear is designed with a slight bent/curve. This way, the headset ‘hugs’ your ear in two places – around the ear and inside the ear. This is why the headset stays put and doesn’t wobble or move or fall down, unless you intentionally remove it. It doesn’t hurt a bit to have it on, even for a prolonged period of time.

    Now the functional part: This headset holds charge for atleast two days of continuous use. I haven’t tested beyond that. Linking with the phone is truly a breeze. If you have this headset ‘authorized’ or ‘trusted’ by your phone, it takes only one click of the button to reconnect. A double click while linked will redial the last called number.

    When the phone is out of range of the headset, it will obviously disconnect; but it reconnects automatically when the phone is within the range again without you having to do that.

    When I’m wearing this in the stores or drive around, it alerts you with a beep tone if the network isn’t available and alerts you again when the network becomes available. I find this to be very helpful and interesting, as it gives you an idea of the coverage of your provider.

    None of the people I spoke to, had any problems hearing me or had static, echo etc.

    My phone doesn’t support voice dialing, so I couldn’t test that feature.

    Plantronics is a company that I’ve come to love over the years. This product just reinforces that trust. I would gladly recommend this headset whether it is your first Bluetooth device or it is your fifth one.

  • Review by Rob Winger

    I originally bought this headset for my wife (her first BT headset) because she didn’t like the look of my Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset with Multipoint Technology [Retail Packaged]. She found the 330 painfully uncomfortable and decided to sacrifice style for comfort (quite a departure from her typical choices, particularly regarding footwear); thus she is now enjoying my 510 and I’m getting by with the 330. I don’t find the 330 uncomfortable for the first few hours, but I never forget it’s in my ear like I did with the 510. If you have very small ears, it’s probably a bad choice.

    Here’s a brief comparison between the two with my 5 point ratings:

    I greatly prefer the 330’s single side button that makes it very easy adjust the volume. On the 510, I found the volume and power buttons behind the ear difficult to reach and easy to confuse – probably my biggest complaint with the 510.

    I prefer the look and size of the 330. It’s more modern and discreet. However, it’s not a fashion accessory and everyone looks like a dork with a flashing blue light next to their ear with any BT headset. I wish people would realize this and take these things off in public (especially in restaurants). I only use mine in the car or when at the computer so this is the least important criteria for me.

    The 510 is the clear winner here for both me and my wife. Everyone’s ear is different and I find the 330 less uncomfortable than my wife did. A few may find the 330 fits them better than the 510, but the 510 includes 3 ear pieces to provide a custom fit.

    This is the best reason to get the 510. I’ve used worse headsets than the 330, but none better than the 510. With the 330, I get static if the phone is on the other side of body from the headset. The 330’s claimed 30′ range – maybe at high altitude with no obstructions, no other radio interference with no solar flares and a full moon – real world, more like 10′ with no obstructions.

    Noise canceling is far superior on the 510. People would never guess I was using a headset – usually they couldn’t even tell when I was in my car. The 330 is about useless in a windy environment and picks up a lot of background noise.

    Both headsets seem to have very good battery life and audio quality for listening. The 510 also has the advantage of being able to pair with 2 devices simultaneously but I’ve never tried this feature.

    330 – 4
    510 – 2

    330 – 3
    510 – 5

    330 – 3
    510 – 5

    330 – 4 (probably better than most headsets < $30)
    510 – 5 (more expensive but worth it for features and performance)

    330 – 3
    510 – 5

    The comfort and performance of the 510 justify the extra $16.

  • Review by Twain

    I got this because it was the least expensive, decent looking bluetooth headset available. One really big thing in its favor is that, in comparison to other bluetooth headsets, the 330 is pretty discreet. Okay, I admit, it flashes blue every once and a while and people look at you funny. But it is by far one of the least obnoxious and lowest-impact earpieces in terms of appearance. For me, that is a good thing. You may desire a different, more bling bling look. Another good thing is the price.
    However, the price seems to show in the quality of the earphone. The microphone appears to work fine- no complaints from people that I could not hear them clearly. But in my experience, this headset has been very variable in regard to how clearly I can hear the other person. The fidelity seems variable and I can’t explain why. At this price, I really would not hesitate to buy it, though. I got it when it cost a little more and I do not regret buying it. I do not doubt that there are better bluetooth headsets out there, but I do not think that for thirty bucks this is a waste of money. If I’d paid $150 for it, I would say that the fidelity of the earphone is not up to par for an item of that price, but that’s not the case.

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