Plantronics Headset for S10, T10 and T20 Reviews

Buying the Plantronics Headset for S10, T10 and T20 will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics Headset for S10, T10 and T20.

Plantronics Headset for S10, T10 and T20

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Taking notes while listening to a conversation.

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4 Responses to “Plantronics Headset for S10, T10 and T20 Reviews

  • Review by J. Hayden

    The headset feels quite light and comfortable, and the headband is very expandable. Although my head is rather large, I did not need to bend the metal headband wider, as suggested.

    I made a few calls. Adjusting Volume for incoming speech made it loud enough, and a little fine tuning with Tone was helpful. But my own voice was too loud. So I moved the Voice Boom tip two inches further away from my mouth (and may have spoken a little more softly without realizing it). Perfecto! The person I called still heard me loudly enough. Incoming and outgoing loudness were balanced for my ear.

    I plan to use the T10 for any calls expected to last over 10 minutes. Especially, for tech phone help calls.

  • Review by Christopher K. Koenigsberg

    I love this headset. I bought one to use with the desk phone at my office (a Nortel VOIP phone) so that I can go hands-free for long conference calls.

    It works just fine, even with no separate “amplifier” aside from what’s built in to the phone. I can hear everyone, and they can hear me just fine, and I’m using it for like an hour every day.

  • Review by Nos

    The headset was comfortable and I could hear just as well as if using the handset. It also allowed me to type on the computer, take notes, or whatever without getting a neck ache from squeezing the handset between my head and shoulder.

  • Review by Naomy

    Pairing was quite easy, but inconsistent quialty results. Rotated and positioned the earpiece several ways, but just could not get consistent microphone quialty results. Earpiece crackled periodically throughout a conversation. Maybe mine was a bad unit. As another note, the comfort level was OK. The round earbud did not match the contours of my ear, the oblong one was a bit better. Could have gotten used to it, though.

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