Plantronics Mobile Convertible Headset M175C

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Plantronics Mobile Convertible Headset M175C

  • Inline volume and mute control
  • Designed for the demands of an active lifestyle
  • Comfortable, adjustable headband
  • Noise-canceling microphone for crystal-clear calls
  • Easy hands-free conversation; supports safer driving


For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Does it install easily?

The Plantronics lightweight headset is designed to free your hands while you drive or work with a wireless phone. Though the unit’s noise-canceling microphone makes it especially suitable for calls placed over a cell phone, it’s also appropriate for use with traditional office phones. Recipients of our phone calls reported no annoying disturbances or distortions during conversation, and audio quality on our end was clear as well.

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3 Responses to “Plantronics Mobile Convertible Headset M175C

  • Review by M Visnak

    I have used the M-175 with our Uniden cordless phone (Digital Spread Spectrum) for over a week now. I have attended extended conference calls and various other calls, using the M-175. I asked the called parties if they could hear me clearly and the response was always positive. The sound quality of the headset from the user perspective is also very good. There is a volume adjustment as well as a very handy, mute switch. The headset is very light and comfortable. It comes with enough hardware to configure it to fit with a headband or an over-the-ear clip. Both modes are very comfortable and can be worn for extended periods without fatigue. The construction seems fairly sturdy however; it is all plastic so I would not be overly rough with it. Over all I would recommend this product, I’m sure it would work very well with a cellular phone as well.

  • Review by Beth Miller

    I have to use a headset ALL of the time for both my cordless and cellular phones because I have permanent nerve damage in my neck and right shoulder from a car accident, that prevents me from holding a phone to my ear for more than a few seconds. So, I have been through over 15 headsets since my car accident in 2000. NONE of them have EVER lasted longer than 4 months! It’s not that I “abuse” the headsets, it’s just that I use them every time I use a telephone. It didn’t seem to matter whether I sat still while using the headsets, or whether I walked and moved around alot while using them – they ALL began to breakdown within only 4 months of owning and using them. There is nothing more annoying than being on a headset in the middle of a phone conversation and all you hear is a loud crackling noise and the person’s voice with whom you are speaking to, cutting in and out. This is my 4th Plantronics headset. I have 2 Plantronics M175’s, and 2 Plantronics M170’s. I’ve had the M175’s for over 8 months and the M170’s for over 16 months! ALL of them work so fabulously, that absolutely noone can tell I’m using a headset when I’m talking to them on the phone. As a matter of fact, my own husband did NOT believe I was using the M175 when I was on my cellular phone – OUTSIDE! Plantronics is obviously the leader in headsets for a good reason – they are the most reliable and best performing headsets on the market today! I recommend the M175 and M170 Plantronics’ headsets to anyone that needs or desires a headset for their cordless and cellular phones. I hope this review was helpful to you in your purchasing decision.

  • Review by "glacial_drift"

    I use my Plantronics with a Uniden TRU346, I’ve had to max out the volume on the phone and in both places on the headset to achieve adequate enough volume where no one complains about not hearing me. Fortunately, both the M175 and Uniden have excellent volume control features, otherwise I’d have had to return this headset. The only downside to this is that when dialing, if I forget to turn down the volume before dialing it’s too loud, after connecting I then can max the volume – a minor annoyance.

    I use a business level (read: very expensive) Plantronics headset with amplification module at the office, but that ties me to my desk, when working from home, I use the Plantronics M175, put my phone in my pocket, and can roam hands free for as far as my phone will take me. Plantronics quality of materials, design, construction and sound is among the best. A handy mute button and volume control dial located mid point on the cord makes quick adjustment a breeze. It would have been nice to have had a call end button on the cord, but for this price, it’s a deal without it.

    I actually prefer the shortened boom, my headset at work has a longer and adjustable wire boom, but it gets in the way most times – being bumped by my hand (makes for an audible shock to the other party), getting in the way while taking a sip of coffee, etc., and with the shorter boom on the M175, when my allergies are in full swing, I can hit the mute button and blow my nose or sneeze without moving the boom, and the caller doesn’t know what I just did – sounds funny, but think of how often one’s immediate needs are limited by being on the phone. Also, Plantronics does a better job than most at eliminating background noise.

    Buy this unit if your phone has excellent volume control abilities and you want the option of using as a headset or ear setup.

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