Plantronics MX500C Under The Ear Headset For Cordless Phones

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Plantronics MX500C Headset For Cordless Phones

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For people who have concerns over excessive cell phone radiation, corded headsets can place the problem away from your head.

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– Plantronics cordless phone headset- Earbud design- Experience the freedom, superior sound and discreet style of the award-winning MX500C – Secure fit- Conveniently located one-touch listening/speaking volume control and mute- Enjoy the lasting comfort of the Flex Grip design- WindSmart microphone designed to reduce fast motion or backyard wind noise- Compatible with headset-ready cordless phones and most mobile phones- WindSmart voice tube reduces wind noise and static interference.

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3 Responses to “Plantronics MX500C Under The Ear Headset For Cordless Phones

  • Review by James D. Chaffin

    We bought and returned 4 different phone headsets before we finally found the MX500C. We started with one of those bluetooth earpieces with the microphone right next to your ear. The problem with those is that the microphone is too far from the mouth to pick up your voice without also picking up all the annoying background noise. It also cuts in and out all the time. Most people only care what their earpiece sounds in their own ear, but nobody tells them that they sound terrible on the other end. The MX500C is great because the microphone comes down right by your mouth. It has a wind screen to cut down on wind or A/C noise in your car. It fits on different sized ears and is very comfortable to wear. The only drawback is that it’s not wireless, we can sacrifice having a wire for comfort and sound quality.

  • Review by Phil

    I’ve bought almost a dozen of these for personal use and for friends. Don’t worry about the odd (non-over-the-ear) design, it’s very comfortable, especially if you wear glasses. The sound quality is good, in fact better than any cordless (i.e., Bluetooth) headset I’ve used — and I’ve used many.

    However, what keeps me coming back is the incredible windscreen this unit has! I’m a cyclist and I can use this headset while riding! Other than breathing harder, no one can tell I’m zipping along with a 20 mph wind in my face. This is the ONLY headset I’ve ever set that works in full wind. I’m sure runners and other outdoor sports users would enjoy it just as much. Since it works so well with glasses, you can wear the MX-500 and MX-510 with your sunglasses, too.

    The only downside is build quality is just so-so. Specifically, three problems:
    1.) the ear piece swivel can snap. This can be fixed with glue, but the unit can then only be used in one ear.
    2.) the two-piece housing for the ear piece can split, rendering the unit useless.
    3.) the rubber facing that goes in the ear can separate from the earpiece by peeling back, which can be trimmed.
    Be aware that the above quality issues came up during heavy use while cycling, so more gentle and occasional use may never see this issues.

    Other than some build issues, this is likely the best non-professional corded headset ever made (the stalwart Plantronics “StarSet” holds that title in the professional category).

    I don’t work for Plantronics or anything (my review would be better if I did!) but I used to sell telecom equipment about a decade ago, so I’m picky on my components’ performance and quality.

  • Review by M. Barlow "A Busy Mommy"

    I have used a headset for my home for many years. In the past, I have always chosen a over the head style of headset because I know that it will always fit and be comfortable. I chose this style for a different perspective and I am very pleased. It is easy to put on and there is hardly any adjusting needed once in place. I am also very pleased with the audio quality on my end as well as on the receiving end.

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