Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headsets

Before buying Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headsets take a look at the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headset.

Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headsets

  • WindSmart microphone reduces unwanted wind or fast motion noise when moving quickly
  • Clear sound for Internet and other calls, unique design, comfortable style for all-day wear
  • USB adapter included for Internet phones. Also works with cordless, VIP and most mobile phones
  • Unsurpassed, all-day comfort with lightweight under-the-ear Flex Grip design
  • Easily adjust volume and mute with one-touch controls, perfect for a noisy home environment
  • Easily adjust volume and mute with one-touch controls
  • USB adapter included for Internet phones. Also works with cordless, IP and most mobile phones
  • Versatile 3-in-1 Headset for internet, cordless and mobile calls


A cell phone headset provides a hands free option for cellular communication as you go through life’s duties.

Buying Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • Does the cell phone headset work in a car environment? Truck? On the streets?

The MX500i 3-in-1 Headset from Plantronics delivers high-performance sound for clearer calls at home. Experience reduced wind and fast motion noise along with optimal sound clarity with the pivoting WindSmart microphone. Enjoy the secure, comfortable fit of the award-winning Flex Grip design for all-day wear. Easily control your volume with convenient controls.

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4 Responses to “Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headsets

  • Review by Daniel E. Finley

    It’s great for use at home but too much cord for using anywhere else. I really like the product. Works.

  • Review by K. Kalyanam "Internet Professor"

    The under the ear feature works very well. The headset is very stable.

    The swing arm on the mike provides excellent audio quality. The swing feature is really useful in adjusting the mike closer or away from your mouth.

    I have used it in my car on my cell phone, on my desk with my landline and with Skype (the USB adapter is real handy). Great results everywhere. No one says it sounds like I am using a headset, I am cutting out etc. The incoming sound quality has also been fantastic. Really beats the quality on my expensive blue tooth headset.

    The cord has a microphone volume adjustment, a mute feature and a volume control. All work well and are very handy.

    Great product, highly recommend it.

  • Review by Peter Hoagland "phoaglan"

    I prefer a wired headest to wireless. Have never had good results with wireless headsets. I also wanted a product that I could use on my home phone and with the computer for web cam. Most headsets either have the 2.5mm connector for phone or 3.5mm for computer. The Plantronics MX500i has a 2.5mm and adapts to USB for the computer.

    Best of all, the sound quality is very good. People that I have called say it sounds excellent with little echo or background noise.

  • Review by Denny

    It works good, but I have small ears and the ear bud won’t stay in my ear. So if you have small ears you may want to find another style.

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