Plantronics MX505 Windsmart Boom Headset (Tan) Reviews

Buying the Plantronics MX505 Windsmart Boom Headset (Tan) will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics MX505 Windsmart Boom Headset (Tan).

Plantronics MX505 Windsmart Boom Headset (Tan)

  • Flex Grip design creates an exceptionally stable and comfortable fit
  • WindSmart – Voice tubes which combine wind noise reduction technology with interchangeable, pivoting voice tubes
  • Inline pod features call answer/end and voice dialing (if supported by phone or service), volume control and mute
  • Plantronics’ newest popular earbud style
  • Compatible with all phones that have a 2.5mm jack


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

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The Plantronics MX505 Mobile Headset is a sleek, award-winning, corded, boom-style headset, featuring the innovative WindSmart┬┐ voice tubes which combine patent pending wind noise reduction technology with interchangeable, pivoting voice tubes. This unique design allows you to customize the voice tube wearing style and fit– to deliver crisp, clear calls even in windy environments. The MX505 takes the popular Flex Grip┬« design one step further to deliver unsurpassed extended wear comfort.

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3 Responses to “Plantronics MX505 Windsmart Boom Headset (Tan) Reviews

  • Review by J. P. Koenig

    I have owned a ton of Plantronics headsets as well as tried many others. I consistently go back to Plantronics simply because of their reliability and all day wearing comfort. I owned (7) M145 headsets which are still the leader for all day wearing comfort, but I was annoyed that the silicone piece would break and there was no replacement. I bought (4) of the M135 which I hated and promptly returned. See Plantronics has faults! I got the MX505 3 weeks ago and I love it. It is so comfortable I am buying 3 more for all of my vehicles. I wear it all day and don’t notice it. They are correct in advertising, you can stand outside in a wind storm and the other party has no clue you are outside or in the wind. Downside is that it doesnt have a noise cancelling offset so any background noise around you, the other party can hear it loud and clear. The mute switch is tougher to use than the M145 but has a green/red indicator, OK except in the dark. As for clarity, I dont find myself cramming this thing into my eardrum to hear as I have done with some other headsets. Styling is A+. The ear piece is flippable so either ear wearing is simple. I have had one in each ear already when 2 lines are ringing. I must say that all corded headsets are pains, but this one is a home run.

  • Review by Timothy

    This headset is the second with a boom mic that I have tried, and it is by far the best headset I have used. I prefer it to the headset I use at my desktop.

    – Sound Quality -
    This headset has the highest sound and clarity than any speaker on any cellular phone or headset that I have used to date. The sound is so clear that I turn the phone volume down all the way when using the headset (I use a NexTel i860). The in-ear design does an excellent job of blocking outside noise without blocking sounds entirely.

    – Earpiece Fit -
    The earpiece is lightweight and fits perfectly, and I agree with other readers’ comments about fatigue: I have worn this headset for hours (I’m wearing it now) without really even noticing it, whereas other headsets irritate my ear after a 1 hour conference call.

    It is true that getting the earpiece to my ear is a tiny bit more complicated than it was with the earbuds I have used in the past, but it’s hardly a deal-breaker.

    – Microphone -
    First off, you should know that I have a larger-than-average cranium. I wear a XXL motorcycle helmet, which is huge. That said, the longer mic extension (the headset includes 2) goes right to the corner of my mouth, so I don’t have to shout to be heard. People on the other end hear me clearly, and due to the voice tube design, there is no wind noise. I can quietly carry on a private conversation while using the headset, which was a mandatory requirement for me.

    – In-line Mute & Volume Control -
    I was unsure of this feature initially, but I have found that having quick access to “Mute” without having to fumble with the interface on my phone is a great benefit.

    I understand the Nokia version of this headset includes an answer button, also. I think both features are great: The less I have to fumble with my handset while driving, the better.

    – Summary -
    This headset is an incredible value. I am 100% satisfied, and I highly recommend it.

    – About me –
    I work in the IT field, and I spend greater than half my day on the phone, be it in the car or at my desk.

    – Additional -
    I have been through 3 headsets with in-line microphones. The wiring on two of them – made by Jabra – failed after 2 months of use. The third, made by Plantronics, lasted nearly 2 years, which is partly why I considered Plantronics headsets in the first place.

    After realizing I usually talk while holding the microphone near my mouth, I decided to go the route of a headset with a boom mic.

    Problem is, the boom mics on 99% of the headsets out there today come nowhere near my mouth, requiring me to talk loudly when using the phone.

    The first headset I tried (not made by Plantronics) had a mic that was too short, and included noise cancellation for the mic. Even if you don’t go with the Plantronics in this review, I recommend avoiding this feature. I found I had to speak VERY loudly to activate the mic, and I had frequent issues with being cut off by the mic.

  • Review by Phil

    First, this headset is VERY comfortable. Those who wear glasses (as I do) should note that the design of this headset makes it the best (only?) headset with a boom that does not have an over-the-ear design. Again, don’t let the odd design fool you, the fit and comfort is outstanding, but that’s not all…

    As for sound quality, the MX505 is top notch. I’ve owned more headsets than I can count, and this is the best I’ve ever owned. Most headsets (especially the Jabra earwave series) have horrible problems if there’s any wind at all because the microphone element is exposed via a pinhole opening on the headset. Not so with the MX505. This one has a clear tubes (of two sizes) that all have a nice windscreen on the end. You can walk around outside, drive the car with the window down, etc., all while talking on this one. That’s something you can’t say about many other headsets. The sound tube (“boom”) fits very snugly in the unit and holds position well.

    Also, unlike almost all other headsets, the MX505 has a microphone sensitivity adjustment (it’s on the other side of the volume control on the cord). If you find people saying, “I can’t hear you on your headset” then use this headset instead. Simply toggle the mic sensitivity switch and you’ll increase your volume to the other person by about 50%. This feature allowed me to use it on an LG VX8000 phone after all other headsets proved nearly incompatible due to low mic volume.

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