Plantronics Voyager 510Sl Voyager Bluetooth Headset System with Automatic Lifter Reviews

Cheap prices for Plantronics Voyager 510Sl Voyager Bluetooth Headset System with Automatic Lifter and AC,DC Charger are available to purchase now. There are 20 reviews for this priced cheap Plantronics Voyager 510Sl Voyager Bluetooth Headset System with Automatic Lifter and AC,DC Charger.

Plantronics Voyager 510Sl Voyager Bluetooth Headset System with Automatic Lifter and AC,DC Charger



The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Questions to Consider

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

PLANTRONICS VOYAGER 510SL Voyager 510SL Bluetooth Headset System Wireless Balanced lightweight design Noise-canceling Smart technology Switch between office phone & voice-enabled mobile device Includes automatic lifter

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5 Responses to “Plantronics Voyager 510Sl Voyager Bluetooth Headset System with Automatic Lifter Reviews

  • Review by Daniel DOWNING

    Daniel DOWNING
    I talk on a landline or on a Treo 650 all day from my home office. I’ve been using a Palm Treo headset for Treo calls, and my Treo wired headset for landline calls on a 5.8 Ghz Panasonic cordless phone, surrounded by 2.4 Ghz wireless internet signals. While this setup works, issues are (a) I am tethered to the desk (and often tangled and dropping the cordless handset), (b) switching headsets is a hassle (I did not try wearing both headsets on separate ears–too confusing and I want one ear available for the local environment), (c) landline callers often complain that they hear an “echo” of their voice on the Treo wired headset, (d) and the extra step of having to plug my Palm headset into its charger (and its lack of a low battery indicator) results in having to recharge it when I need to be using it.

    My ideal solution would enable me to answer calls on either phone with a single headset, keeping my hands free for working on my computer, un-tether/untangle me so I can move around my office and home, and provide a convenient recharging stand for the headset (like the Jabra JX10). My functional priorities: (1) 2-way voice clarity, (2) wearing comfort and stability to stay on my ear, (3) range. Cool style/design is not a significant factor.

    I stumbled on the Plantronics 510 headset, which has a seemingly unique “multi-point” technology enabling it to pair to two phones at the same time. On-line research revealed a seemingly well-designed desk phone adapter with an integrated a headset holder/charger. The value of the optional “handset lifter” was hard to assess without seeing it working. But the entire system is expensive ($399 list on the Plantronics site, $300 at other retailers), and it requires a wired desk phone–it’s not compatible with a cordless, due to the way it connects to a wired handset. However, I know Plantronics is a manufacturer of serious office headset solutions, so I figure you get what you pay for. I read some reviews (few available, not even listed on the Treonauts site), found it on the web for $210, and ordered it to test it out.

    Well, I’ve only been using it 3 days, but it is superb! I dusted off an old wired desk phone (keeping the cordless with programmed numbers to place calls), plugged everything together, paired to my Treo easily, kept all the default hear/talk volume settings, charged the headset – and started placing/answering calls — flawlessly!

    On talk quality, even my critical, hard-of-hearing friend had no complaints. On listen quality, I raised the hear volume switch on the base one notch, and now it’s perfect. And the handset lifter is awesome! I dial the call on the cordless, then press the call button on the headset; the handset lifts and you hear the call going through; I hang up the cordless. Range-wise, I can walk upstairs to the kitchen to refill my coffee, step outside to greet the fedex man, and *almost* get the mail – which is about 70 feet from the base station! Conservatively it looks like I will get a good solid 30 feet, through walls, with no quality loss (though still only about 10 feet if I’m talking on the Treo). And a nice feature: if I *do* go out of range, a low tone indicates this–without dropping the call–and a high tone let’s me know I am back in range and resumes the call!

    To receive a call on either the Treo of the landline, I just touch the call button on the headset, which is conveniently centered on my ear. Once you set the listen volume to a good level, this is the only button you really need to touch, and it is easy to “find”. And comfort-wise: VERY comfortable! The over-the-ear design keeps the headset feeling solidly in place; the smallest earpiece fits snugly in my ear, but absent is the pressure of other earpieces I’ve used (gels & ‘hard’ earbuds) . I can hardly feel its weight on my ear, and there is *no* pressure inside my ear; I can easily wear it all day. When I take it off, I stick it right into its holder/charge – so it’s always charged up!

    The packaging could use one very small improvement: the headset eartip guide could use some verbal description, to complement the diagrams, for selecting/fitting the right eartips, and for removing them from the headset as you try on the 3 different sizes.

    I am a careful, discerning technology consumer, and am aware that the real proof of satisfaction comes after weeks of use–not hours or even days. I save all packaging to return a product that does not perform to expectations. I can tell you that I am already confident that the 510SL is a keeper! I will post updates to this initial review in a couple of weeks.

  • Review by D. Solitare

    D. Solitare
    I purchased the system because I wanted a headset that would work with my office phone as well as with my Treo 650. Installation was fairly straightforward. I also purchased the online indicator light, which is helpful when someone walks into your office unaware that you are on the phone and starts talking to you.

    The system has clear sound, plenty of volume, excellent range for Bluetooth, and the headset is comfortable to wear. I wear it all day long (except when I’m in a client meeting or otherwise do not wish to look like a geek), and charge it for about half an hour or so with the included A/C charger when I get home.

    Be aware that there are limitations to using the headset with the cell phone. The Bluetooth radio of the Treo isn’t as powerful as the Plantronics base unit, so the range and ability to communicate through solid objects are reduced. Also, answering an incoming call using the phone works well, but I haven’t quite mastered the process of answering the call with the headset button yet. Still, I’m pleased with the overall performance of this headset with the Treo, and it’s smart enough to be able to use with both phones at the same time.

  • Review by J. Baker

    J. Baker
    This system was easy to install and works great. I am on the phone 85% of my work day. I have had no reception problems and the earpiece is very comfortable. The only problem I had was the ringer mic on the lifter being too sensitive. Every time the door to the office slammed shut it would cause the headset to beep as if the phone was ringing. This was annoying while actually talking to somebody. I worked around it by taping over the mic so it was less sensitive. (the mic is on the underside so it is not visible) I would reccomend this product to anyone wishing to free themselves of their handset!

  • Review by Bruce Ramsay

    Bruce Ramsay
    I wish I’d bought this a long time ago. I use it working from home on conference calls and using the computer at the same time. I sometimes hear a few clicks which I’m pretty sure is my wireless network interfering, but overall the sound is great. I can get 30-40 feet away before it gets too noisy and somewhere about 40 feet it drops the call.

  • Review by Theodore W. Carpenter

    Theodore W. Carpenter
    I bought this a couple months ago. At first, I was concerned about the battery life but, it is actually very good and have not run out of battery as of yet. I love that it works with both the home and cell phone. It is the only on the market to my knowledge that does this. The only downside is that your range is only about 30 ft. It gets scratchy at that point. I would definitely recommend this product.

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