PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headsets

If you are looking to buy PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headsets, make sure to read the features first. There are reviews for this priced cheap PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headsets.

PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headsets

  • Universal headset for PS3 & XBOX 360 & PC or Mac Hear stereo game sound together with PlayStation Network & XBOX LIVE or online chat Stereo expander widens the sound field to accentuate left and right sound cues
  • Variable Bass Boost enhances the reality and depth of explosions gun blasts and other deep sounds
  • Chat Boost automatically increases incoming chat level when the game gets louder Game sound is isolated so online players won’t hear the game picked up by your mic
  • Separate volume controls make it easy to balance game and chat levels Mic monitor lets you hear what you’re saying A single USB connection provides power – no AC adapters necessary
  • Heart-Thumping Bass Boost


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  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How easy is it to use?

The Ear Force PX21 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN), XBOX LIVE and PC/Mac to create the definitive audio environment for playing popular game titles on all platforms. The PX21 is two headsets in one—a stereo USB headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. That means you can independently control chat and game sound from a single control box whether you’re playing PS3, XBOX or PC games.

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3 Responses to “PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headsets

  • Review by SomeDude

    The sound quality and the ability to adjust the different volumes is outstanding. I play Call of Duty about 90% of the time online and this just makes the entire online experience better. I use to get into games with kids making annoying noises etc. Now with the push of a finger I don’t have to listen to it but I can still hear the game perfectly. In fact, a buddy and me went into a private match on shipment. I could hear him from across the map setting up claymore’s, pulling grenade pins, moving and even swiping his knife. The only negative thing I have to say about this headset is that it’s not wireless but I am sure that would add quite a lot of money to the price. They are also extremely light and comfortable.

  • Review by Fish Pierce

    I was researching headsets that mixed chat and the game sound in stereo in the earphones, with the chat mic all as a single unit. I came across the press release of the PX21. Not available at the time, but coming soon. I almost didn’t wait for it. I almost bought the P21. I’m glad I waited.

    – You hear chat and stereo game sound in the earphones.
    – Setup was easy for me and they provide all the cables and adapters you need.
    – The cable is looong. I play on a 58″ TV and I wouldn’t want to sit as far away as the cable
    would let me.
    – A control cluster for mic and sound that gives you:
    * Separate volume controls for game sound and chat volume
    * Mute switch for the mic
    * Bass boost
    * Expanded stereo mode

    What I liked:
    – The stereo effect is good especially with the stereo expansion mode turned on.
    If there’s an enemy behind me and to the left, I hear him behind me and to the left.
    As noted in other reviews there *is* a hiss. More on that later.
    – The sound quality is good. And by that I mean for playing video games. I have a set of $120
    Sennheiser can headphones I use for home recording. Music sounds great in them. Before the
    PX21 I used those plugged into a Dolby 5.1 amplifier getting an optical sound feed. The PX21
    is much better for playing video games because the sound is crisper. Music may not sound
    great on them, but I can hear the enemy sneaking up on me.
    – Mic. The mic boom has a great range of movement and stays in whatever position I put it.
    Other people tell me I come across good and clear. The mute switch is great, of course…
    why would you make a headset without one?
    – Comfortable. Again, compared to my Sennheisers, these are much more comfortable. The earpads
    are fabric covered and the headband isn’t tight. You don’t develop a headache or aching ears
    after a couple of hours of play. The mic boom is long, flexible and comfortable to use.
    – And mostly what I liked… I play better. From the first time I used it, I consistently
    scored higher.

    What I don’t like
    – Hiss. Yes, it hisses. A little in normal mode, significantly more in expanded stereo mode.
    Again, it might be a problem listening to music or quiet passages in other games. But you
    really only need expanded mode in games where directions of sound cues are important. Turn
    of the stereo expansion when you don’t need it and the hiss is negligible. If you want to
    listen to music, get a pair of $120 Sennheisers and leave the headset for the games.
    – The clip on the control cluster is backwards. Hard to explain, but whenever I try clipping
    the control cluster to my shirt, the wires hang awkwardly.

    If you’re a gamer, buy this headset. I researched before I bought it and it looked like the best thing on the market for what I was looking for. And I believe it is.

  • Review by Meghstar

    My husband is a remarkably talented gamer. He’s plays everything from “Ghosbusters” to “Little Big Planet,” from “Modern Warfare 2” to “Rock Band” to NSMB. He’s played almost every system available in the USA, but prefers the diversity of PS3. Out of necessity, he mastered the art of playing with the TV on mute (a courtesy to me, we all know how late things can go). But all that changed, this past holiday season when his amazingly thoughtful wife (that would be me!) bought him a brand spanking new pair of these! So far, he’s had nothing but positive things to say. Specifically, he’s mentioned the volume controls, overall flexibility and comfort, chat boost, the surround sound effect, and crispness of in game sound. So he gives it an A in gaming and I give it an A+ for letting me sleep.

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