PulseWave 2 Premium PC Gaming Headset

Purchasing the PulseWave 2 Premium PC Gaming Headset is simple when you have reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap PulseWave 2 Premium PC Gaming Headset.

PulseWave 2 Premium PC Gaming Headset

  • PulseWave2 Features Include: 2.1 Stereo or 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB or Standard 3.5mm Mini-Jack connectors. Dynamic Master Control box with Master-Mode and Sub-Mode switches. Detachable, Full Duplex Microphone with Mute button.
  • Vibration intensity adjustment control.Sound volume adjustment control.Fully Adjustable Headband with Padded Leather Cushion.
  • Soft & Comfortable Full-Surface Ear Cups.External Battery Pack to power your lights and vibration away from your computer.
  • As versatile and feature packed as the PulseWave2 is, you can also listen to your iPod or other MP3 audio device in beautiful stereophonic sound.


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Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • How easy is it to use?

PulseWave is back and it’s better and more refined to give you the most incredible audio gaming experience ever. Your fellow gamers gave PulseWave an incredible endorsement by making it our best selling gaming headset. Now we are pleased to present the new redesigned PulseWave2 with all the right tweaks, component upgrades and improved comfort for hours of continuous play.What we didn’t change is PulseWave’s versatility, robust feature set and amazing sound. All this and PulseWave2 is stil

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3 Responses to “PulseWave 2 Premium PC Gaming Headset

  • Review by David

    So I’ve owned and still own a lot of gaming headsets for the pc, as I am a heavy pc gamer. FPS, RTS, mmorpg, you name it. Also the robust listener in music and I watch my share of movies through netflix on my pc.

    I look for quality in a headset. This, I mean a headset that can do fairly well in all aspects. I don’t want a headset that is pure bass, or a headset with a faulty component (I’ve had too many shares of faulty microphones, speakers, cables, usb, driver issues, etc.)

    Now, I am giving my feedback on this headset based on currently owning a logitech g35, steelseries siberia v2 with usb sound card, creative fatality hs1000, plantronics 367, and razer carcharias.

    Obviously, teknmotion isn’t as well know as the brands above. But it isn’t a non-existent company. It has its fair share of consumers, and the pulsewave is a pretty popular headset. The version 2 is just a revised version, but nothing major. I’m not sure what they revised to begin with, but checking out reviews of version 1, I can’t find a difference.

    So first of all, people with windows 7, 64 bit, this works perfectly. no driver issues. put in the cd, put in the headset, and your good to go.

    Durability: this part is where people criticize headsets quite often. This headset is definitely not flimsy whatsoever. The mic is detachable, but the boom is not super thin, and the area around where the ports plug in are reinforced with a thicker covering, so no need to be scared of removing and attaching the mic often. (personally, I just keep it on, and swing it up when not in use)

    comfort: i’m gonna say that the comfort is good, not the best, but definitely doesn’t kill your ears like some headsets i’ve worn. I’ve worn for 6 hours straight. And although my ears did get somewhat tender, It’s not the *painful* when you wear it kind of tender. I only realized it when I actually removed the headset. The top of my head had NO NO NO discomfort whatsoever, so don’t worry about the headband.

    Sound: Sound is great, let me just say that. I’m not talking in an audiophiles perspective. But for the gamer, or the casual music listener, and for watching movies. Wow, sound is great. Loud, Clear, no static on highs, bass is AMAZING!! and also you can set levels for the headset to vibrate if you’d like (during bass-y moments)

    – About the flashing lights, yes, you can set it to flash lights. However, it’s not super disco flashy, it’s adequate. OR you can just turn off the lights altogether, no biggy (there is a switch on the in-line controller)

    -the material of the ear cups are that of a synthetic leather, but they appear to be quite durable, and comfortable. Those of you worrying about sweat in ears. I didn’t experience any sweat after 6 hours, so don’t worry about that.

    -Mic is very very responsive. I had to actually lower my skype mic volume to 30% because I was loud. No static heard from the other party from vent, skype, in-game from windows live gaming. Very adjustable, also.

    -cable is a little over 6 feet which is more than adequate for me, and hopefully for any pc users, unless you have a pc connected to a huge hdtv, then 6 feet may not be long enough.

    All in all, for 52 bucks (amazon has the cheapest price), this is a VERY good buy. I would give it a 9/10. for an overall headset, and 10/10 for its price.

    Personally, I see no flaws. It’s not the greatest or best headset, but in terms of actual flaws, I see none at all. If you don’t have at least 100 bucks to spend on a headset, I’d recommend getting these. If you have a hundred dollars, I recommend the logitech g35 or the steelseries siberia v2.

    if you have 150, I recommend the seinheisser gaming headset (150 on amazon only)

  • Review by Questors

    This is a very nice headset, especially when considering the price versus competitive headsets of the same quality. They are well built, the sound for games and music is very good. The vibration feature actually adds to the gaming experience, rather than being an annoyance. It should be mentioned that one does not have to use the vibration feature if it is not desired. The headset was a bit tight at first, probably from being in the packaging, but seems to have “given” a little. The padding on the ear cups is very confortable. The headset is wired for usb and regular sound device I/O for both the microphone and headset (speakers). The inline controller for mute, vibration level and volume is large, but light weight. It clips easily and surprisingly comfortably on a pocket or shirt collar. This is a solid product for a person shopping for a nice gaming headset and wants good music listening quality as well. The final verdict: Highly Recommended

  • Review by R. Beardsley

    PulseWave 2 Premium PC Gaming HeadsetI have had “many” headphones. Sometimes the cost was more than I wanted to spend, so I settled for less. None of them work anymore or have fallen apart. I wanted good sound at a reasonable price and the PulseWave 2 Headset fills that bill very well. I was concerned about the weight, but in use, they seem to be comfortable for at least a few hours, and the sound is excellent. Not much into gaming but the connecting options for USB or plug in allow good flexibility. I’m quite satisfied with them, especially since I had never heard of this company and bought them based on a few reviews where they were compared with others costing double or triple the PulseWave price. In use they are fine and I feel like I have made a good choice. Time will tell to see if they hold up construction wise. They do look rugged, but the cords are usually the first to go although those on these headphones seem much stronger. I’m not into the fancy lights and surround sound, but for me they were a good choice, good price, good sound, so those features are really a bonus. “Amazon.com” came through again with a good price, free shipping and timely delivery.

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