Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set

Planning to buy Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set.

Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set

  • Interactive language software with proprietary speech-recognition technology
  • Develop your command of the language–read, write, speak, and understand
  • Build vocabulary; negotiate complex situations; share ideas and opinions
  • Audio Companion for CD or MP3 player; learning application for iPhone or iPod Touch device
  • Language-enhancing games; live online lessons; includes headset with microphone


Taking notes while listening to a conversation.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

Rosetta Stone TOTALe;Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe;chinese;chinese language learning;chinese language software;learn chinese;learn mandarin;mandarin;mandarin Chinese;rosetta stone chinese;rosetta stone mandarin Develop your command of the language. From the simple to the complex, gain the confidence to share your ideas and opinions in your new language. Develop the conversational skills to plan adventures, care for your health and move abroad. Talk about government, work, movies, family, and more.

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3 Responses to “Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set

  • Review by S. Moore

    It’s perfect for studying between semesters, or for productive procrastination when living abroad in a place where you’ll be using the target language every day.

    Rosetta Stone’s weakness, however, is that it builds spoken proficiency slowly, including survival phrases in the target language. Audio programs such as Pimsleur are much more effective for “spitting out” a phrase that you’ll need, and getting to a language level where you’ll be able to creatively express yourself in an interaction with a native speaker, and Pimsleur is helpful for listening comprehension. College courses and interacting with live teachers / tutors is also better than RS for addressing listening comprehension and for testing one’s spoken language skills, and they are essential when beginning to learn how to write Chinese characters– a skill that is fairly hard to learn from a book or a computer at the onset, and requires the feedback of a literate Chinese person. While RS is great for immersion in foreign script, and in RS Chinese’s case, Chinese characters, I also find longer passages of writing such as in Integrate Chinese and its workbooks, more helpful for reading sentence-after-sentence and dialogues, skills which Rosetta Stone simply does not address.

  • Review by Timothy S

    I haven’t completed all levels of this product, but thus far I have found it to be quite helpful in developing a basic working sense of the Chinese language. From what I understand, any product or teacher that promises rapid strides in learning Chinese is probably exaggerating, but Rosetta Stone really does help with pronunciation, allowing lots of opportunities for basic practice and improvement prior to continuing on. I stopped using this product when Spanish became a much more pressing need for me, but while I was using it, my Chinese teacher thought that the phrases I learned sounded really good.

  • Review by Nancy Tan

    I am a native Chinese speaker but have forgotten much of the vocabulary over the decades I’ve lived in the US.Planning to travel independently in China this summer, I ordered the levels I-V program, and it is perfect for my needs. Being someone who like to understand the grammatical rules when learning a language, I’ve always supplemented my Rosetta Stone programs with lessons and books. I would recommend this particularly for the Chinese program for anyone with no prior background in Chinese.

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