Rosetta Stone Irish Level 1-3 Set

Before buying Rosetta Stone Irish Level 1-3 Set take a look at the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Rosetta Stone Irish Level 1-3 Set.

Rosetta Stone Irish Level 1-3 Set

  • Interactive language software with proprietary speech-recognition technology
  • Develop language skills to enjoy social interactions; share ideas and opinions
  • Build vocabulary; spell and write accurately; speak without a script
  • Audio Companion for CD or MP3 player; learning application for iPhone or iPod Touch device
  • Language-enhancing games; live online lessons; includes headset with microphone


Learn a language easily.

Questions to Consider

  • How much time can you put aside for learning a new language?
  • Do you learn better in a school environment or by yourself?

Connect with the world. Learn language fundamentals from greetings and introductions to simple questions and answers. Give and get directions, tell time, and dine out. Share your opinions, and talk about everyday life: your interests, your work, current events, and more. Communicate and connect around the world. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Develop the language skills to enjoy social interactions such as travel and shopping.

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One Response to “Rosetta Stone Irish Level 1-3 Set

  • Review by Darman

    I have been interested in learning Irish for years, and did careful research on the Rosette Stone product to see if it is worth this high cost. I have learning disabilities and was concerned that the way it teaches may not be effective for my learning and thus I would be out a lot of cash for nothing. This however was not the case. This product is NOT a translation teaching product, it is a language teaching product. Thus if does not matter what language you speak, it teach’s the language set (in the case Irish) you buy. So don’t expect to need to learn English to Irish or Spanish to Irish kinds of changes. The software starts off be speaking to you and showing you pictures. You then begin speaking it back and matching the pictures to the words spoken. All in all it really reminds me of how we teach children to speak at young ages. Now that is not to say it is simplistic mearly that in the beginning it starts you off slow and easy.

    I am now just getting through the first half of level one, so there is obviously much more to learn and many features I have yet to see. But so far my experience with this product has been outstanding. If you truely wish to learn a language Rosette Stone seems to be a very good teaching software. I would liken to cost to that of a fully paid college course, on average they are several hundred dollars today and you only have limited time and access to the learning materials and help. With this you own a copy of the software and can get help through many means, including the nine months included Rosetta Stuido and Rosetta World.

    Overall I would say that I went from worrying about a gamble of over $500 to a well satisfied customer who’ll definitely order more products from Rosetta Stone. It is worth the money.

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