Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) Level 1-5 Set

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Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) Level 1-5 Set

  • Interactive language software with proprietary speech-recognition technology
  • Develop your command of the language–read, write, speak, and understand
  • Build vocabulary; negotiate complex situations; share ideas and opinions
  • Audio Companion for CD or MP3 player; learning application for iPhone or iPod Touch device
  • Language-enhancing games; live online lessons; includes headset with microphone


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Develop your command of the language. From the simple to the complex, gain the confidence to share your ideas and opinions. Develop conversational skills to plan adventures, care for your health, and move abroad. Talk about government, work, movies, and citizenship. Discuss family and traditions, and celebrate success. Develop your command of the language. From the simple to the complex, gain the confidence to share your ideas and opinions in your new language.

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3 Responses to “Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) Level 1-5 Set

  • Review by Peggy G SLP

    I have been learning with the Rosetta Stone Level 1 (I purchased the 5 level set) for three weeks. I am already able to speak words and some sentences. I have been spending approximately one-half hour to one hour each day going through the lessons. I am very impressed with this product. The picture support and presentation style of the lessons are excellent. The games are engaging and allow for productive repeated practice. The most excellent feature is the opportunity to practice on-line with a native speaker, which forces you to use your newly acquired skills. I felt the attention received in the on-line portion of the lessons was more than a student would get in a typical high school or college level course, making the practice more effective for the time spent. I put off buying this product because of the expense, but now I feel it is worth every penny and more. I feel the level of support and amount of practice received learning a language in this program makes it more effective and a better value than taking a typical language course.

  • Review by karen m. walsh

    I’m only on level one but I love it. I took Spanish in high school, so level one is a great refresher. I particularly like the stories you can listen to in order to practice listening comprehension. Then you can read and listen. Great program!

  • Review by Clasina Gm Oneill "Maria"

    The lessons are clearly presented, easy to follow, and fun. I’m amazed at the speed I’m learning (doing one lesson per day). Definitely recommended.

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