Samsung Modus 3500 HM3500 Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

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Samsung Modus 3500 HM3500 Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

  • Brand New Samsung Modus 3500 Premium Noise Canceling Dual Mono Stereo Bluetooth Headset with 2 Adapters (BHM3500JBACGEN) in Retail Packaging. (Black)
  • Mono and Stereo Compatible – Use as a conventional in-ear mono headset or use adapter for hi-fidelity stereo music streaming.
  • Multipoint Technology – Connect Headset to 2 Bluetooth Devices.
  • Dual-Mic Noise and Echo Cancellation. Easy Pairing. Proximity Pairing.
  • Accessories included for hi-fudelity stereo music streaming.


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

Bluetooth Headset Kit (Black)
Modus 3500 Bluetooth headset is a premium performer in both mono and stereo modes. The dual microphone noise- and echo-cancelling headset delvers extraordinary sound quality. Active Pairing function makes paring the headset with another device quick and easy The Modus 3500 has multipoint capabilities and can be paired with two Bluetooth handsets or a single Bluetooth handset and stereo Bluetooth devise, such as an MP3 player or computer.

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2 Responses to “Samsung Modus 3500 HM3500 Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

  • Review by BlueBMW

    I have been looking for a good bluetooth headset to use while I’m working. I wanted one that I could use for both music and phone calls.

    The HM3500 does both perfectly! I have it simultaneously connected to my iPod touch and Droid X phone. I can be listening to music from the ipod and it will pause to take a call from my Droid. After the call my music will resume.

    About my only complaint is that the headset doesn’t tell me who is calling. Not a big deal.

    The sound quality is good in either the earbud mode or just using the mono earpiece. Probably the coolest feature is the two adapters that come with the headset. One connects the headset to a male headphone jack. Perfect for plugging into an aux in on a car. The other adapter gives you a female jack that you can plug any headphones into. Nice for if you don’t like the headphones that come with the unit or if you break them by accident.

    Overall an excellent unit!

  • Review by B. Peach

    I am very pleased with this headset. People regularly tell my they couldn’t tell I was using one. I wear it for extended periods and usually within a half hour I forget it is there. The volume through the ear buds is excellent good, and through the mono ear piece is acceptable.

    I have been using Bluetooth headsets since they were a novelty eight years ago. This product demonstrates they have come a very long way.

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