Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Phones Headset (Black)

When buying Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Phones Headset (Black) make sure to ask yourself the right questions. There are 811 reviews for this priced cheap Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Phones Headset (Black).

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Phones Headset (Black)

  • Lightweight Bluetooth communication headset in black fits in either ear, offers Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • Omni-directional microphone that clearly picks up your voice
  • Multi-function button to controls various functions including answering and ending calls
  • Includes travel charger and charging case
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 70 hours of standby time


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

SAMSUNG’s Black WEP200 Bluetooth headset is soft as a sigh, light as an undertone, slim as a murmur and as mobile as you are. Features include up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 70 hours of standby time and weighs only 9 grams. Wear the SAMSUNG Black WEP200 Bluetooth headset and keep communicating. Package includes WEP200 Headset, Travel Charger, Charging Case, Headset Hooks, and User Manual. The WEP200 is compatible with SAMSUNG and other non-SAMSUNG Bluetooth enabled phones.Samsung’s WEP200

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Rating: (stars out of 811 reviews)

Price: $ 37.99

5 Responses to “Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Phones Headset (Black)

  • Review by Eric Loiacano

    Eric Loiacano
    Watch Video Here: My video review of the Samsung wep 200 bluetooth headset.

  • Review by Christopher B. Prentiss

    Christopher B. Prentiss
    This is my third try at a bluetooth headset and I’ve finally found one that I’m happy with.

    Tech: It is loud enough that you don’t have to put your finger in your other ear, it’s easy to tell if it is on or not (blinks every two seconds), the other person can hear you without much interference, it charges quickly and seems to hold the charge for an adequate amount of time, and it automatically picks up the call when you dial out or answer a call. My last Motorola did not do this. You had to dial the number then click either the headset or the bluetooth button on the phone to transfer it. The Samsung does this automatically. (I assume most headsets do this since no one comments on this, but this is an important feature.)

    Fit: This is the major drawback, it will not fit in or stay in my ear, but there is a simple solution. I am not sure exactly what Samsung was thinking with this design. I have medium to larger ears and I could not get this headset into my ear at all. It simply hung precariously from the small “u” at the bottom of my ear and I actually had to set it for the opposite ear to accomplish this. I am not sure what this little hook thing is or why they call it a hook – it doesn’t do ANYTHING. But, I liked the functionality of the headset so much I decided to purchase some Jabra ear gels and see if they would fit. This worked like a charm and my Samsung now fits snugly in my ear canal and never fall out. There is a marginal loss of volume, but it is still adequate. With this fix, I would highly recommend the headset as a great value, and the best one overall that I have tried. It is great for someone who wears glasses too as it doesn’t go over the ear.

  • Review by D. Ambrose

    D. Ambrose
    I own a Blackberry 7250 and this Samsung WEP200 is the best Bluetooth Headset I’ve owned. I also own a Belkin which is a piece of >>>>. I’ve tried the Motorola H500 and it’s better then the Belkin, but not even close to this Samsung headset. It has echo cancellation (which was a problem with the other two, Echo makes it hard for the other phone user to understand you), an easy volumne control, and a comfortable earpiece. This is Bluetooth 2.0 and it’s worth the purchase price.

  • Review by Clark Draney

    Clark Draney
    Did you ever see “Better Off Dead”? Do you remember the paper boy that was stalking John Cusack. Remember what he kept saying? “I want my two dollars.” Well, Samsung… I want my two dollar ear hook!

    This product, the headset itself, works fine. No complaints. Here’s a note, however, about a strange (astounding, really) policy that Samsung customer service has.

    I’ve had this headset for a couple of weeks and the ear hook breaks. The headset fits okay without it, but overall, I like the fit with the ear hook better. A little annoying that it breaks so soon, but I think, “No big deal. Surely Samsung will send me another $2 ear hook. I’m well within the warranty period.”

    Guess what! NOT the case.

    I call Samsung. I explain my deal. The reps says, “Nope. Not covered under the warranty.” I say, “Really? A brand new $2 part isn’t covered.” She says, “Nope. Not covered.” I say, “?????????” She says, “Sorry. The only way to get a new one is to pay for one yourself.” I press the case a little. She stands firm. “That’s the policy, sir.” I hang up, completely baffled (and more than a little miffed).

    Guess what, Samsung. The one I just bought for my wife… It’s going back– unopened.

    Samsung saved $2 on the broken ear hook (BTW, normal use- no strange ear gymnastics on my part– I put the thing over my ear and the headset falls off the hook), but lost the sale of the headset I bought for my sweetheart. I’m having trouble thinking I’ll buy anything from Samsung if a clearly defective $2 part isn’t covered under the warranty.

    So here’s my rating:

    Product – 5 stars. Works great.

    Minus 1 star for the cheapo ear hook

    Minus 1 star for the really baffling policy of not covering a brand new product under warranty.

    Where’s that newspaper boy when you need him?

  • Review by JLN

    I’ve been using the WEP200 with my Blackberry 7130e for a couple of days now and love it. It is super comfortable and never feels like it may fall out despite it’s small size. The set-up was easy, the sound quality excellent both for me and the person on the other end of the call. I’ve tried other Bluetooth headsets before but never found any of them to be as comfortable as this one. The price is great too.

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