Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit

Lowest costs for Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit with Detachable Boom Microphone and Wired Microphone can be found online. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit.

Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit

  • Optional helmet clamp with wired mic and boom mic


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

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Optional helmet clamp with wired mic and boom mic This accessory works with the Sena SMH10 (sold separately) to create a complete wireless communication solution The Sena SMH-A0302 is a clamp kit for the SMH10 Bluetooth communication system (sold separately). This is a great piece to have for installing an SMH10 system on extra helmets. The module swaps easily from helmet to helmet. This kit includes the headset unit with speakers, detachable boom microphone and detachable soft wire microphone.

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3 Responses to “Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit

  • Review by Kent

    The group I ride with love the Sena system. Works amazing and so easy to use. The hardest part is getting the system in the helmet but well worth it. Bought this kit for my wife’s new full face helmet. It works just as well as the others but no fumbling with the boom mike. I am a little jealous but this will not work with my flip style helmet. I wish you could buy the system with this style mount and not need to buy it as an extra.

  • Review by Velocity

    I bought this adapter to put a Sena SMH10 unit in my Bell Star full-face helmet.

    It works GREAT. The speakers sound great but do take up a bunch of space in the ear pocket.

    I currently have them installed in the ear side of the inner lining. Next time I clean the liner I will try the speakers on the other side of the liner.

  • Review by John

    I purchased this adapter to use on my HJC SY-MAXII hemlets, the standard mount will not work with the HJC helmet. The installation was quite simple, but the Sena Web site photos of an installation on a HJC was helpful. There were no installation instructions included with the adapater.

    The complete unit itself works great and pairing to other decives was eazily done.

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