Sennheiser BW 900 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phones

Purchasing the Sennheiser BW 900 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phones is simple when you have reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser BW 900 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Phone/Mobile.

Sennheiser BW 900 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phones

  • Based on wireless Bluetooth Class 1 and supports the 1.2 standard, providing long-range operation
  • 100-meter range from base station
  • Easy toggle feature between office phone and mobile phone
  • Lightweight 26-gram headset with perfect individual fit
  • Features adaptive intelligence which provides optimum speech intelligibility in every situation


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • How easy is it to use?

The Sennheiser BW900 is a business-class wireless office headset that features intelligent sound quality and 100-meter range. You can use the BW900 headset with your office desktop phone or with mobile phones and smart phones. It is compatible with all voice-enabled Bluetooth devices, like PDAs and even VoIP enabled computers or laptops.

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3 Responses to “Sennheiser BW 900 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phones

  • Review by Dan Redler "Dano"

    This unit has some features that are superior to others I looked at.

    1)The size.
    The mouth piece is actually near to your mouth. I am able to talk at a normal volume and the sound level and quality of sound on the other is great. I have had other head sets with a smaller foot print where this is not the case at all. Even though this headset is not ugly is does not have the ‘cool’ factor that some of the smaller sets semm to go after. If function is more important to you than form, this is your headset.

    2)Works with both the office phone and cell phone.
    And does a great job with both. I still have to stop and concentrate when I move from one phone to the other but I’m getting near the end of the learning curve. I LOVE eliminating one device. I spend 30-40% of my week out of the office. Wireless in the office is so helpful no closeing the headset wire in drawers or getting it burried under files. With its extened range any multi tasker will increase their productivity.

    3) Comfort
    The head set is very comfortable. For me to say that is rare. I have never been able to stand “ear buds”. Any head set that offers interchangeable earpieces has not used my ear for the mold. This speaker rests against not in your ear and works beautifully. I actually do forget I have it on.

    4)Desktop charging ststion.
    I handle lot of files & misc projects on my desk. I’ve destroyed at least 4 wired headsets. When looking for a wireless hesd set, most seem to hae a weak footprint, that I know would always be subject to being knocked over. The Sennheiser is completely stable. This part of the unit has an “office cool” factor to it. It looks, functions and feels like quality

    For any one in business the productivity enhansement of this headset justifies the price.

    Misc. The noise cancellation feature works great. I have been driving and had the person on the other end of the call asked if I wase still there because of the slience. I never set up the voice dialing feature on my cell phone. When I paired the Bw900 it woke up the feature and I use it all the time now. My previous Jabra headset did not do this. Battery life is better than my cell phone. Never the less I plan to order a apare battery because I would hate to be with out this head set after a day in the field because of the battery and the base station has a charging slot for the spare.

  • Review by totemo

    I’ve used a number of microphones with Dragon 9. This one is the best. It’s comfortable and tremendously accurate. You will need to buy an adapter to connect it to the computer (unless you use Bluetooth, which I do not). Check out the zoomswitch, which works great. Also, make sure to start a new profile. Don’t just start using this with your old profile.

  • Review by commuter

    Bought this headset about a week ago. I commute about 2.5 hours per day and spend alot of that time on conference calls. I have never been able to find a bluetooth headset that can effectively get rid of all the road noise.. Until now! The noise cancellation is absolutely amazing! I never would have believed it without experiencing it first hand. Even driving at highway speeds with the driver’s window fully down, my voice is crystal clear to the person on the other line. A friend of mine made an audio file that compares this headset to the Plantronics 510 (modified with a noise cancelling boom mike) and a Plantronics 520. No contest… Although expensive, if you regularly use a bluetooth in a somewhat challenging noise environment, it will be well worth the extra money.

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