Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones

Cheap prices for Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones with Sound Channeling are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones with Sound Channeling.

Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones with Sound Channeling

  • A comfortable, high-quality headphone system
  • Extended spatial field surrounds you with sound; ergonomic Acoustic Refinement enables ideal sound channeling for a new kind of listening experience
  • Features State of the Art Duolfol diaphragms
  • Velour ear pads let you keep glasses on while listening
  • Comes with manufacturer’s 2-year warranty


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Questions to Consider

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • What is the range of this product?

The HD 555 features a special Surround Reflector, which generates and extended spatialsound field, making it the ideal headphone for home theater, as well as music.Other innovative features include Sennheiser’s E.A.R. technology and optimized Duofol diaphragms for a new level of audio enjoyment. Overall listening pleasure is combined with outstanding wearing comfort.

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3 Responses to “Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones

  • Review by Robert Derenthal "bucherwurm"

    This is an excellent pair of headphones for those (few) of us who like classical music. I’ve used these headphones with a player that has no bass/treble controls, and found that the headphone sound is well balanced throughout the spectrum. The bass does not boom, something that you don’t want in classical music. It is there, but balanced as it should be.

    I’ve noted that when playing something like Haydn’s Cello Concerto, the solo instrument hits you right in the middle of your head -which is where it shoud be -, and the orchestra surrounds it from far left to right.

    Other reviewers have mentioned that the open format of these headphones results in large sound leakage into the air around you. I’ve found that the leakage is quite small, and not noticeable a couple feet away. Then again I don’t crank the sound up to 100 decibels.

    As for the complaint about the plug, I’ve had no problems in this regard. It fits snugly into phone jack, and seems well made.

    My only very trivial complaint is that I sometimes use these on my portable DVD player while lying in bed, in which case the very long cord is a bit of a nuisance. My personal preference would have been a short cord plus a detachable cord extension.

    These headphones are great for just about any kind of music.

  • Review by baligathi

    Sennheiser definitely makes quality headphones, and prior to buying this, I owned Sennheiser HD-202, which seem to be the most popular Sennheiser model on Amazon. The only complaint I had with the 202’s was that they hurt my ears after a while. Plus, I had some extra cash to burn and I wanted awesome headphones that would last me a very, very long time. Here s where the 555 comes in.

    Simply put, this is the best audio investment I have ever made. These will definitely last at least 10-15 years. I’m sure you’ve all read about the awesome sound, so I won’t waste your time with that. The comfort level, however, is incredible! I can wear these all day (really!) without even noticing them.

    I live in the dorms at school, so I bought these headphones to give my roommates privacy. Don’t worry about the sounds leaking. The only leak slightly more than other headphones. Also, the sound only leaks within your immediate space. So my roommate on the other side of the room doesn’t even hear my music even at a relatively loud volume.

  • Review by Research & Review ":::::<(''<):::::"

    For anyone new to audiophile headphones, you may be surprised to learn that Sennheiser is THE name in the audiophile headphone business, and have been for some time now.

    In case evidence would help you:

    1)Ask the pros – HD600s are popular in serious studio recording, where sound quality is all-important.
    2)More expensive is not necessarily better – other companies use their names or unnecessary and expensive materials to bump up the price….
    3)Sennheiser is interested in “true sound”, and, accordingly, puts into their products the right materials and excellent acoustical engineering. Everything in the 555s is for sound quality and comfort and durability. (Some headphones use wooden shells, fancy materials, and other such gimmicky things…that’s just plain stupidity if you consider the sound, but it gets buyers that don’t know audiophile headphones.)
    4)Open vs closed – sound is vibrations. The air needs to vibrate if you want good sound. Closed headphones may help cut out noise in some situations, but it will dampen the sound in all situations. (Sennheiser’s audiophile line are all open.)
    5)Look at the stats! – the stats alone are better than most…the 555s are, essentially, standard for audiophile headphones…595s, 600s, and 650s are better, but other brands have a tough time matching even some of the lower ones, such as the 515s.
    6)Noise cancelling vs pure quality – I have tried Bose noise cancelling headphones, which attempt to advertise good quality, but in fact, the noise-cancelling mechanism calls for the “closed” type and, furthermore, functions by running a sort of noise-dampening frequency, which, sadly but inevitably, dampens the sound (and puts pressure on your ears). Nice feature for noisy situations. However, audiophiles typically seek out a quiet place to listen. (Although in my experience, 555s sound so much better I prefer not having noise-cancelling over lesser quality.)
    7)Great entry level – as above, these are the standard within Sennheiser’s line of audiophile headphones. Even so, if you are just moving up to this quality level, you would be surprised how clear the music is, how suddenly you can hear the details you have been missing…in comparison, ordinary headphones or other companies’ headphones simply sound trashy – the pitches may be there and the general sound is there, but no tones, no flavor, no character, no spirit. You’ll be surprised how much you have been missing.
    8)Sound reflection – just as Bose uses sound reflection in its speaker systems, Sennheiser uses such technology to create a more real experience…thus, they work great for movies too. Instead of having half the orchestra on one ear and the other half on the other, it will seem more like you are actually in a concert hall. (Although, at this price level it still won’t be perfect…still, it will be better than the vast majority.)
    9)Sennheiser is legendary – Do you know what the world’s best headphones are called? Try Sennheiser Orpheus. They were a limited edition, only 300 were made, and are reportedly absolutely surreal. (The Orpheus, being so rare, is not very available…the best price I have seen is $12,000, and that is IF they are for sale.) The 555s follow in grand footsteps.

    Now, a few points of advice if you get serious with audiophile headphones and get 555s or better:

    1)To use them to their fullest, try to use them through good hardware… (iPods and mp3 players are pretty good, but if you want to go all out you could get amps, etc.)
    2)Healthy volume is 70 decibels or less (about 70% of the max volume on 555s)…and, sound quality is generally better if you don’t force them all the way up. (Finding a quiet environment helps.)

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