Sennheiser IE6 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones

When buying Sennheiser IE6 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones make sure to ask yourself the right questions. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser IE6 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones.

Sennheiser IE6 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones

  • Customized fit for outstanding noise reduction
  • Enhanced bass response from the miniature dynamic drivers
  • Kevlar™ reinforced cable for long operating life
  • Includes durable travel case, cleaning tool and cable clip for compact storage and easy access
  • Compatible with all devices with 3.5mm stereo plug (1/8 inch)


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Questions to Consider

  • What color would you prefer?
  • What is the range of this product?

Sennheiser’s IE 6 delivers high-grade audio performance, superb, customized noise isolation and accessories for hassle-free transport. Featuring dynamic transducers and an enhanced bass response ideal for your vast music collection, the IE 6 will show you how “low” your tunes can really go. By providing 3 sizes of ear adapters, a customized fit is guaranteed without intruding the inner ear canal. This seal blocks out noise pollution and allows you to listen at a lower, safer volume level.

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3 Responses to “Sennheiser IE6 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones

  • Review by Doodle

    Best headphone for the money, hands down!!!

    I’m no audiophile, but I can tell the difference between a good and bad headphone in terms of bass, mid, and treble performance. This is by far the most balanced pair of headphone in all three categories that are in this price range.

    I’ve been a die-hard Shure fan for years since I bought the Shure E2C (yes, they are the cheapest Shure headphones out there but still good). I also have a pair of Shure SE210 as an upgrade, but actually disappoints. This review will contain comparisons between these headphones.

    Even the best sounding headphones aren’t good if they aren’t comfortable. The IE6’s silicone tips feels very comfortable just like the SE210’s foam tips. They are much more comfortable than the E2Cs. I can wear the IE6 all day long and not feel uncomfortable which cannot be said for both (yes, both) the Shures.

    The IE6 is truly a high quality product in this regard. Plus the Kevlar coating will surely help the durability. I can’t say for sure since I only have been using them for a few days, but they certainly feel more sturdy than the SE210s, which the left headphone broke off from the cable after a year’s use.

    The IE6 blows both the Shures out of the water. The sound is very rich with crisp highs and thumping lows that does not overpower. The IE6 sounds much more detailed and more plesant than both the Shures but provide more bass. This was exactly what I was looking for in a new headphone and the IE6 delivers.

    I usually listen to a wide variety of songs when I test headphones but I always like to listen to Dave Matthews Band’s “Crush” and “Crash Into Me” to listen to how much details the headphones deliver. Shures sound like as if the bass was severely toned down while delivering very clear, crisp sound. The IE6, however, sounds almost like if the band was preforming right in front of me. Not only are the details crisp and clear, but the bass is pleasantly strong. They sound very rich and warm and overall, much better than Shures.

    This is one aspect that the Sennheiser loses to Shure, but not by much. Shure’s ear-tips are truly like earplugs that fills your ear canal in order to block out all outside noise. The silicone tips from the IE6 are not as effective, but once the music is playing, the difference is minimal under most conditions.

    The IE6 comes with a beautiful brushed aluminum/matte black plastic case. It also comes with a cable clip, ear loop and 6 sets of ear tips. The Shures only come with a decent hard fabric case and an array of ear tips. Both also come with a cleaning tool.

    The Shures are great, but the Sennheiser IE6 is even better. The more I use them, the more I can hear the difference between the two and it is really, really mind-blowingly good. If you think the Shures are great but want more bass, try the IE6. They deliver more bass and more detail than Shures. It’s really worth the premium to get these.

  • Review by Thomas Monroe "TMink"

    I have had these phones for over a month and am very happy with the sound and ease of use. First, the sound of course. They give much more bass than my previous in-ear headphones which were in the same price range. Sometimes, the mid-bass sounds a tad plumby, but it is not irritating, and certainly not missing in action! The highs are extended without being brittle. The phones are not at all fatiguing, in fact I have stayed up too late listening to them! They sound fine through the iPod only, but oh my they open up and sing when I use my tubed headphone amp.

    In terms of usage, I am really quite pleased with how well they fit and how easy it is to get a good seal so that the bass is good. My previous phones were more touchy in this regard, so I am very happy with how much less fiddly these are. Also, they are low profile, so they do not extend as far out of my ears. While I assume this makes me look less dorky as I shop listening to my iPod, the real benefit is when I listen to them as I lie in bed. I can rest on my side without the headphones being pushed into my ear by the pillow. That is very cool.

    The packaging is really first rate. It is a bit embarassing to be so impressed by the packaging, but I felt a pride of ownership before I ever heard these phones. I kept the box as it fits the nifty headphones container and my iPod.

    This is an addition after using the headphones for 8 months. I still continue to utilize them as my go to phones for the iPod. They remain comfortable, have been sturdy, and I still love the sound. I do not use them in my big rig as the little bass hump becomes more pronounced through that system. But the little bass boost is welcome when listening to mp3s. I would buy them again, yes sir!

  • Review by Alex theodo

    I have been using Shure headphones for years now, the 400 series of their portables to be exact. On the other hand for home listening I have been a sennheiser user for years. What I like about the sennheisers is that they don’t add any ‘filters’ on the music, the music comes through pure; lows,meds, highs are unaltered. I got my pair of IE6s yesterday from the apple store in Tyson’s corner. They are amazing, and they put the shure’s to shame. Not only the sound is impeccable, but they are so comfortable on the wearing part that you don’t feel that you have them on. On the other hand, I always felt pressure with the Shures. So, if you are thinking of spending $200 for headphones or more, just get yourself a pair of these, you won’t regret it.

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