Sennheiser MM 70 iP Ear Canal Headsets

Lowest costs for Sennheiser MM 70 iP Ear Canal Headsets (Black) can be found online. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser MM 70 iP Ear Canal Headsets.

Sennheiser MM 70 iP Ear Canal Headsets

  • Microphone with remote to answer and end calls
  • Good noise supression
  • Dynamic speaker features full rich bass response
  • Complete with storage pouch and quick start guide.


You can type on a keyboard while speaking to customers.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • How easy is it to use?

MM 70 iP Ear Canal headset optimized for latest generation of iPhone,iPod and iPads

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One Response to “Sennheiser MM 70 iP Ear Canal Headsets

  • Review by J.C

    These buds were purchased to offer compact noise isolation and reasonable sound when traveling light. While no one would confuse this item with an audiophile solution, the sound is more than good enough to satisfy and the noise isolation is effective, though by no means does it completely block absolutely all background activity. The sound performance doesn’t offer the typically accentuated and unbalanced bass performance upon which most popular musics thrive (and which some consumers seek and expect), so sometimes bass lines can “blend” depending upon the level and frequency of lower range background noise. The buds’ performance can best be described as well-rounded with a bit of an emphasis upon the treble, which can become harsh if pushed at maximum volume. Most of my listening is of classical music, which places heavy dynamic demands upon any headset’s performance capabilities. If volume is a concern, fear not, for these buds can holla if you want them too. I was surprised by how good the isolation turned out to be and found myself quite satisfied while listening on a variety of aircraft. No problem with the cords or the attached volume controls. These earbuds are sold with a small pouch that can fit easily into a pocket (great for travel) and several sizes of buds. It’s a solid product and definitely recommended.

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