Sennheiser PC 31 Stereo Headset

Before buying Sennheiser PC 31 Stereo Headset take a look at the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser PC 31 Stereo Headset.

Sennheiser PC 31 Stereo Headset

  • Excellent voice clarity
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Adustable microphone
  • Simple plug and play


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Questions to Consider

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • What is the range of this product?

The multi-purpose solution for enjoying sound.

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3 Responses to “Sennheiser PC 31 Stereo Headset

  • Review by S. Lawrence

    I consider myself a fairly decent judge of audio headphones/headsets and I must say for $30 this headset is beyond what I expected. I really expected them to be flat and be raspy. To my surprise they sound full and slightly bass heavy. They are extremely light and fit perfect on my ears and stay comfortable for 6+ hours (the longest I’ve used them so far in one sitting.) The microphone sounds clear and without distortion. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on how clear my voice sounds from switching from my old Zalman headset to this one. The only issue I have and the reason I didn’t give them a 5 is because they feel extremely light and I question how durable they will be.

    Edit: March 19th 2011 I’m on my second pair of these headsets and they have held up extremely well to normal wear and tear. I use them about 8-10 hours a day now and I can throw them around and they still sound perfect. The reason I said normal wear and tear is because my first pair I had to throw away due to the headband being stretched out. I’d fall asleep with the headset on. Doing this for 5 months caused the headband to stretch out to the point where it won’t stay on my head. If it wasn’t for me sleeping with the headset on I would expect these to last 2-3 years before needing replacement.

  • Review by Vernon Bishop "KitchenAid Lover"

    I am really happy with this product!! I really like the sound quality for the price, and it works way more than adequately for IM video chat, (which I bought it for).

    What surprised me when I got it was the sound that came out of the headphones. I am really satisfied listening to music with these. I listen to classical and jazz with these and they sound as good or better than my more expensive headphones.

    When I do video chat with these, my friend can hear me really well on the other end and I can hear her as well if not better than she can. They weren’t overpriced either for what you get. I really like that I get the most for my money with these.

    My only con, which can be also a pro, is that the headphones are extremely light. I don’t know how long these are going to last, but I think, with care, these will last a long time. I really like the weight as well for long term wearing, as they won’t weigh down on my head.

    I also like that the microphone is adjustable. The way they came from the factory is not ideal for conversating online and I found that the adjustability is really nice… :-)

    The price is really nice too, so I don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank with these for the sound quality they produce…

    Overall I rate these a five.

  • Review by R.S "R.S"

    I used it with Skype, Google voice and also my mobile phone using a converter. The sound quality is amazing, and the noise canceling for the mic also works like a charm. Yesterday I talked for 3+ hours and it was comfortable experience.

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