Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds with Microphone

Cheap prices for Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds with Microphone are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds with Microphone.

Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds with Microphone

  • Quick and easy connectivity
  • Extremely portable, ear-canal design delivers huge Sennheiser sound
  • High quality integrated microphone picks up every word, so gamers can communicate with the team and their friends.
  • Flexible travel pouch protects the PC 300 and the extension cable while on the go
  • 2 Year warranty


The cell phone headsets are lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

Buying Questions

  • What color would you prefer?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

The PC 300 G4ME portable headset with microphone for PC gaming

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2 Responses to “Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds with Microphone

  • Review by Pjames6

    I got these on a whim for my new gaming pc mainly because I don’t like the feel of the over the ear gaming headsets on the market, and the price was perfect. I guess I should go through and explain each point one by one.
    1. I marked construction quality as a 4 is because the build of these didn’t strike me as amazing. The cord may be a bit thicker than some of the lower end headsets but beyond that the “feel” of the headset is normal, not bad, but it wasn’t wowing to me.
    2. The ease of use is as it should be, place earphone in ear, plug in and frag.. Wait is frag still used or is that a 90’s term. Anyway they has a nice volume slider on the cord which is always convient, especially if you don’t have volume controls on your keyboard or speaks. The only thing missing that the upper end larger than life over ear models have is a mic mute. Maybe the next version of these headphones will have that. But again, my logitech speakers have a mic mute button on the volume hub thing.
    3A. Now for the best part, the sound quality. These things surprised me greatly. I consider myself an audiophile with a very sensitive ear, or rather two ears.. but these did not disappoint. The only thing to keep in mind is that these are for GAMING, not music or other junk. For games they are perfect. The sound profile fits right into where it should, good mids and good bass. The upper end is a little weak, but that’s not what effects most games. Most are looking to hear footsteps, explosions, gun fire, all of which fit into the mid bass area. Even the “ting” of the M1 in BFBC2 wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t suggest these for music. If you want good music quality go for bose or some other higher end company that focuses more on music.
    3B. The mic is simply amazing! It picks up voice, and picks it up really well. The mic slit doesn’t even have to be facing your mouth to pick up your voice clearly, probably because its an onmidirectional mic. I would put this mic on the same level as any high end over ear, i.e. G35 and such. I was shock how well my voice came through, even at chin level, and while turning, moving, shaking the mic. Its great. My buddies will actually hear what I’m saying in games for once.
    So to conclude, if you’re looking for a great in ear gaming headset, this is the way to go. You may want to hunt around the interwebs for a few seconds to find the best price as this may not be it. I got my set for $30. But if you’re considering these headphones, just go ahead and get them. You wont be disappointed.

  • Review by S. Breed

    I bought these headphones recently on sale for a very nice price. After reading a few mixed reviews I was a bit skeptical. I currently have a pair of Jbuds that I am not 100% thrilled with, so I decided to try another pair of in ear headphones.

    The headphones are very comfortable with soft rubber and additional inserts for different sized ear canals. What I like most about them is their comfort, the contours blend nicely with the ears for low profile wearing; whereas I feel like Frankenstein with the Jbuds.

    Although I am not an audiophile, I still feel the sound range is impressive; they are without a doubt the best pair of headphones I have ever owned.

    The microphone is crisp and clear, it picks up even the softest noise so I don’t need to annoy my girlfriend when gaming online with friends. I haven’t used noise cancelling headphones prior to these, but from what I can tell, they are very good at reducing ambient noises.

    I only have one gripe, the plastic used for coating the wires isn’t the best and could annoy me down the road. For now, it’s a minor annoyance.

    I highly recommend these headphones to gamers or anyone that wants a comfortable set of headphones with a great mic.

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