Sennheiser RS110 Over-Ear Wireless 926 MHz RF Headphones

If you are looking to buy Sennheiser RS110 Over-Ear Wireless 926 MHz RF Headphones, make sure to read the features first. There are reviews for this priced cheap Sennheiser RS110 Over-Ear Wireless 926 MHz RF Headphones.

Sennheiser RS110 Over-Ear Wireless 926 MHz RF Headphones

  • Add-On Transmitter
  • Detailed, Analytical Sound Reproduction With Strong
  • Bass Response
  • Perfectly Suitable For All Types Of Modern Music & Tv Applications
  • Receives Reception Through Walls, Ceilings & Outdoors


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SENNHEISER RS110 — Now you can enjoy complete freedom of movement when listening to music or using your computer! This open, supra-aural wireless RF ( Radio Frequency ) headphone system delivers transparent, balanced sound with outstanding bass response. The RS 110 is the ideal entry into Sennheiser’s wireless world of headphones. With the RS 110, you can easily enjoy the sound of your hi-fi system or TV without being tied down by a cable. Walk freely throughout your home and privately listen to your music.

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2 Responses to “Sennheiser RS110 Over-Ear Wireless 926 MHz RF Headphones

  • Review by Jon

    I bought my SENNHEISER RS 110 from Bestbuy for $79.99. It was all worth it for the price. This headphone is simply amazing! I tried both Sony and RCA models before settling for a SENNHEISER and both Sony and RCA doesnt even come close to the performance of the RS 110. The sound reproduction is very distinct, no “very highs” or “very lows” on the frequency range. Just right. The range is just about right for the indicated 300 feet. It is light enough to be worn for extended periods of time and the fit is very comfortable. You dont feel that “tightness” even after wearing it for several hours. In my point of view, the sound reproduction even comes close to the BOSE noise cancelling headphones except that the SENNHEISER doesnt cancel the noise. An upgraded model, the RS 120, can be recharged by placing the headset on the transmitter–this (the recharging feature) however is the only difference. Performance is solid both ways. After making extensive evaluation on my RS 110, the only feature I could think they can add to this model is a light indicator on the main headphone unit to “visually” see if it is turned on without actually looking at the power switch. Overall, the headphone is an excellent buy compared to other models in the same price range. I highly recommend this entry level wireless headphone from SENNHEISER if you’re in the market looking for one.

  • Review by MKaiser

    These are some pretty decent RF headphones. Very little hiss in the background, great range – the only thing I don’t like is the auto on/off feature. For those who don’t know what this is, the transmitter on the base doesn’t start transmitting unless it “hears” enough sound for it to go. When the sound source is turned off and it doesn’t “hear” anything anymore, it stops transmitting after a few minutes and you hear static in the headphones. It’s basically a good idea, but not practical if/when working with different types of audio sources.
    This feature can be difficult if (in my case) you are working with the headphones on a computer, where sounds come and go at different intervals (IM noises, prompts, pausing a DVD, etc.). I also use the headphones with a 15″ television (no cable) that has headphone port for private viewing. While watching the TV with the headphones (the included L/R-1/16 adapter is very nice) the headphone transition cuts out every 5 minutes for a few seconds then starts again. This is probably because of the low audio strength coming from the cable-less TV, but it’s just another reason why there should be a manual ON/OFF TRANSMIT switch on the base unit.

    The only other drawback is that, unlike many other headphone types, Sennheiser has chosen to make very flat ear pieces. Most other headphones have the “can” type, which have a thick outer rim, allowing your ears to be closer to their natural position. With these Sennheisers my ears are frequently squished against my head, sometimes for many hours – which anyone will tell you has its own definition of pain. I’ll point out that the pain only happens when I wear glasses and have the headphones on for a long time. If I have contacts in (which is mostly the case) or place the legs of the glasses above my ears, it rarely hurts to have the headphones on for the same time.

    All in all, pretty good wireless headphones for consistent audio listeners, and people without glasses.

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