Shark SHKLXMBT388IL Motorcycle Or Snowmobile Bluetooth Headsets

Check out the reviews for the Shark SHKLXMBT388IL Motorcycle Or Snowmobile Bluetooth Headsets and how it is better than other headsets. There are reviews for this priced cheap Shark SHKLXMBT388IL Motorcycle Or Snowmobile Bluetooth Headsets.

Shark SHKLXMBT388IL Motorcycle Or Snowmobile Bluetooth Headsets

  • Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist
  • It can pair “rider to rider” or “rider to pillion”.
  • It can pair 3 interphones at a time, and easily switch to any 2 of them.
  • Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone or MP3 Stereo music
  • With 3.5mm audio input, can work with external mediaplay devices, like MP3/portable CD player/IPOD


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

This listing is for a set of Bluetooth stereo motorcycle Intercom headsets for up to 3 bikers. This is for 2 headsets, but if you buy more then one set, you can use them together.

The shklxmbt388il is a Bluetooth Class 1 Stereo Headset with long-range Bluetooth Intercom designed specifically for motorcycles. With the shklxmbt388il , you can call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo musi

Read the reviews below to get a better idea.

3 Responses to “Shark SHKLXMBT388IL Motorcycle Or Snowmobile Bluetooth Headsets

  • Review by J. S. Schlatter "jschlat"

    The sound quality is certainly geared toward voice though so music sounds a bit thin and lacks bass. Both the sound and the microphone worked much better on my decent HJC helmet than they did on my wife’s cheap helmet. I still think these are a good value at the $85 we paid for them, but we weren’t willing to give up the features offered in the more expensive units.

  • Review by Electrick

    Pros: Durable (so far), everything worked right out of the box, able to be turned up quite loud (needed for a piped sport atv), Bluetooth easily paired, great battery life.

    Cons: User interface is kind of confusing (see below), range was only a few hundred feet not 1000meters like they claim!

    The instructions were written VERY poorly. It seems things were lost in translation from chinese. Some things are a little confusing to understand. (these book are SUPER, AWESOME, WONDERFULLY writed)
    The interface has you short press a button for some things and long press for others and then press the SAME button even longer to turn the unit off. It is VERY hard to tell the difference with a set of gloves on, and you don’t have the time to do all this while riding quickly/aggressively either.
    Basically we ended up just leaving these on the entire time we rode and it worked out well (for over 8 hours).

  • Review by OstrichMan

    Just got a pair of these & my buddy & I road 400 miles in the TX Hill Country in 2 days to test them out.
    First day they worked OK, we had the earphones simply tucked into the helmet ear pockets and they worked VERY well at speeds <50. At 60+ the wind/bike/road noise was such that we were talking loudly and had the units turned all the way up, so we got a lot of “distortion”.
    However, I had a “theory” on how to improve performance & improvised an “ear clip” onto each earphone/mic so that the “speaker” was held directly against our ears. I wrapped & shaped insulated single strand 12 gauge copper electrical wire (10 gauge might work better). We put them on, then wiggled our helmets on & plugged into the transmitters and voila!!
    Was able to turn the listening volume “down” at least 30% which boosted the clarity by about 300%!! We were speaking at a “normal tone of voice”, and at levels so low we couldn’t hear ourselves talking, but could hear the other person perfectly! We both have windshields on our bikes, open face helmets, but after this modification it didn’t seem to matter how fast we went, we could both hear each other excellently! They did not interfere with hearing ambient sounds like car horns etc.
    I was able to use the bluetooth with my blackberry phone and sound was excellent!
    Have not tried music yet.
    The “improvised wire earclips” did not get uncomfortable on/around the ear, but I believe I can use the foam from the box they came in to pad the wire AND perhaps add a pad to the speaker itself.
    Bottom line for me is .. you should buy these, it’s money WELL spent, & improvise some earclips.
    To the manufacturer I would suggest “lose the velcro on the earpieces and replace with padded earclips even if it’s a ‘few bucks more'”!

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