SMH10 Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycles

Buying the SMH10 Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycles will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap SMH10 Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycles.

SMH10 Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycles


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Buying Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Are the sounds from the earpiece audible?

The Bluetooth v2.1 Class 1 stereo headset with long-range Bluetooth intercom has been designed specifically for motorcycles. You can call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigations by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other motorcycle riders.

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3 Responses to “SMH10 Bluetooth Headsets for Motorcycles

  • Review by Tea

    After doing extensive on line and in store research for a motorcycle communication system. I chose the Sena Model SMH10 Dual for the following reasons:
    1) Has the ability to do both hans free and push to start conversation (I use it in the push to start conversation mode – My wife likes to sing along with her tunes and I don’t want to hear her)
    2) Large bottons (easy to use with riding gloves on)
    3) Long battery life (product states 10 hours – I’ve run mine for a 6 hour trip one day and a 10 hour trip the next without running out of power)
    4) Tunes: My wife plugs in her iPod Shuffle, and I hook up my iPhone (3GS) via A2DP (blu-tooth wireless)
    5) Loud: I have a very loud motorcycle and have NO trouble hearing with this unit

    If I had to say anything nagitive; it would be not the best sound quality when listing to music, but still not to bad for small speakers.

    Would I recomend this unit. YOU BET!

    Happy and safe riding.

  • Review by Juan Andres Sinisterra "JAS"

    Hi Folks,

    I just wanted to share what I learned as soon as I got my intercom system SMH10. These are questions that I WOULD LOVE someone has answered to me before deciding what to buy!

    1. YES! The intercom usually comes ALONE (just ONE intercom for ONE user). So buy the DUAL PACKAGE (as I did on my order) better than buying both separately. You will save some bucks.

    2. YES! These intercoms are GREAT for communications between driver and passenger (pillion) on the bike.

    3. YES! Starting the conversation is done by pressing a BIG button (very comfortable), OR (I love this one) by activating the voice recognition as well (so you don’t have to push buttons to talk).

    Those above were my main concerns!!! And thanks to a guy who wrote a fantastic Intercom comparison review on his blog, and actually who gently answered all my questions and gave me “the” advice, I could go ahead and make my decision to buy this couple of GREAT intercoms SMH10. Well you know…, these things ARE expensive, indeed!, so I just didn’t want to buy something that resulted inappropriate for my specific use which is TO TALK WITH MY PASSENGER WHILE OUR RIDES!!!

    And YES! These intercoms come also with other functions (I just don’t care about that!). All via Bluetooth:

    > You can receive/make cellphone calls (of course you will need a cellphone with the availability to do so. The activation (pairing) is a VERY easy process btw.

    > You can listen to your mp3 music from your iPod and, I suppose, from any other mp3 player with Bluetooth capabilities. (I wonder who would be crazy enough to do this!, not only for security reasons but also because the main beautiful thing to hear while you ride your bike is the sound of the engine!!! Well…, ahem, and listen to your passenger too…).

    > You can configure your GPS to listen voice directions.

    > You can talk between other motorcycle riders who have the same gadget (up to 4 communications can be established).

    > …And other functions this thing comes with. I wasn’t explore that far yet…

    Another important thing to say is about the quality of the communication: IT IS PERFECT!!! (Btw it’s in STEREO, this thing comes with 2 headphones which are attached not to your ears but to the helmet). We have tested it while riding my Suzuki GS 500 along with strong winds at high speeds and it does not affect at all our back and forth clear communication. Please note that we use close (full face) helmets; I suppose that open helmets (also called half helmets) certainly involve some kind of trouble for good communications because the wind is going directly to the mic. Despite the mic is pointing to the mouth, this should be taken in account anyway!

    I cannot testify yet about the battery duration because I’ve done just short rides so far (4-6 hr rides with no battery problems). So I really don’t know how much they last.

    Summarizing, the SMH10 is a perfect product for conversations while riding bikes. The quality of this product is outstanding. And also it is a beautiful gadget which will look GREAT on your helmet!!!

    This is one of the BEST products I’ve bought lately. I love it!

  • Review by Biron

    I just got done with a 400 mile road trip weekend with my wife on our bikes with these headsets and I’m very happy with them. They installed easily into our full face helmets, we figured them out quick, and the quality was great. We used them with our MP3 players jacked in, when we wanted to talk to each other, either one of us could hit the big talk button and the units would drop out the music and go into intercom mode. We had a five hour day on the bikes and the batteries held strong the entire time. The only problems were that they picked up a lot of wind noise at highway speeds, the helmet speakers were a little tinny, and if I didn’t have my helmet seated just right, the left speaker would rub my ear. These issues were minor and manageable. Also, the range was great. It says that they can transmit up to a half mile or so. We didn’t get that far apart but I can say we were at least a 1/4 mile apart at times with no issues. The chargers are good too. It’s nice that they charge over USB and that a wall plug to USB power adapter is included, that comes in handy when you want to charge any other USB devices like a cell phone or mp3 player. I haven’t used any of the bluetooth features yet but syncing the headsets was very easy. Great headsets.

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