Sony DRBT101 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Buying the Sony DRBT101/BLK Over-the-Head Style Stereo Bluetooth Headset will help you with your daily functioning. There are 72 reviews for this priced cheap Sony DRBT101/BLK Over-the-Head Style Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

Sony DRBT101/BLK Over-the-Head Style Stereo Bluetooth Headset

  • Convenient standard USB charging (cable included)
  • Built-in subtle microphone for mobile phone use (Hands-Free) with clear voice technology for best human voice reception
  • Echo canceling technology to further enhance phone conversation
  • Remote Control functions (AVCRP) on headset
  • Bluetooth Version 2.0


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Questions to Consider

  • What color would you prefer?
  • How easy is it to use?

Enjoy wireless freedom with this over-the-head Bluetooth headset from Sony. It features an integrated microphone for hands-free wireless phone use and a remote that controls all the basic functions of your Bluetooth device. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 11 hours of music listening and talk time and is easily recharged via the included USB cable.

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Rating: (stars out of 72 reviews)

Price: $ 30.93

5 Responses to “Sony DRBT101 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

  • Review by Shawn McKeough

    Shawn McKeough
    I am by no means an audiophile, but I was very impressed with these headphone from Sony. As others have said the Bass is by no means deep, but it is acceptable for headphones. Music listening was a joy with these as I was able to move around my house and still be connected (Isn’t Bluetooth great). My main reason for getting them was to listen to movies and TV on my desktop and laptop, the pairing was a cinch with both of my computers. The sound quality was very good for both movies and TV, there was also no lag that I noticed between the headphone sound and the actors lips (sometimes happens with wireless things). The fit of these headphones was perfect for my head, they fit snugly but not too tight, they stayed put with movement (Standing, walking, head bobbing to music). Overall I am very happy with these Sony Bluetooth Headphones, I would recommend these to anyone looking for a nice low cost wireless alternative for use with a PC.

    See my images for style and fit.

  • Review by E. A. Johnson

    E. A. Johnson
    I wasn’t sure about these, but bought a pair because of the relatively long battery life as far as bluetooth headsets go and the convenience of having no wires to mess with at all. There are some good points, but, unfortunately, they are overwhelmed by all the drawbacks, especially their loose fit. Here are my thoughts:


    – Sound quality is right where I expected for the price. They aren’t audiophile phones by any means, but they are a significant step up from the cheapy phones that come with MP3 players and the like. I tried some jazz, big band, vocals, brass ensembles, organ, piano, and orchestral music on them. Everything sounded just great, not phenomenal, but very good and clear overall with good balance between bass, mids, and highs.

    – Excellent streaming bluetooth music quality. I noticed absolutely no difference in music quality between this set with streamed music over the bluetooth connection and a wired set with similar sound quality.

    – Excellent reception range. With my MP3 player in one room and me down the hall with two closed doors in between us, the headset still kept pumping out the tunes with no static or signal loss. I couldn’t get far enough away from the source in my little condo to get it to drop out or even skip. Pretty impressive.

    – Nice control layout. The play/pause/skip, volume, and call answer buttons are all very easy to access. The one problem with the button layout is that the pairing button is behind the headband, so you can’t really get to it while you are wearing the headset. That’s not too big of a deal though, because you only need that button for the initial pairing. At least it has a dedicated pairing button so you don’t have to remember some odd combination of other controls to get it into pairing mode.

    Now for the drawbacks.


    – They are heavy for their size. I was quite surprised by the weight.

    – They just have cheap foam covers over the earpieces. These tend to fall apart, get dirty, and get scratchy and uncomfortable over time and cannot be changed out.

    – The connection between the earpieces and the headband is something of a little ball and socket joint that feels very fragile. The first time you accidentally put a little pressure on that joint, I imagine it will fail.

    – All of the plastic is a very hard, brittle material. One fall or unfortunate squishing in a backpack and I’d expect to find the unit in lots of little pieces.

    – The earpieces only rotate enough to accomodate your head, but do not fold flat for transportation. Since they don’t come with a case of any kind and the earpiece connection does feel so fragile, these would be very difficult to transport safely.

    – The tactile feel of the buttons isn’t very pleasant. You can tell when you’ve pushed them, but they feel cheap. I wouldn’t expect them to last long.

    – The little plastic cover over the charging port is cheap and inflexible. A few cycles and I’m betting it will break off.

    – It only comes with a USB charging cable (mini, not the smaller micro that’s being used on the newest phones). If you want to charge from an outlet, you have to buy a separate charger. (It did only take somewhere between 2 and 3 hours to charge from a USB port, though. So, at least that goes reasonably quickly.)

    – The headband forms a little loop over the earpieces. At first I thought it looked kind of cool. Then I put them on and looked in the mirror and almost laughed at how odd they look. You won’t win any points for fashion or discreteness with these on.

    – Here’s the deal-breaker. This is why they are definitely going back. The gap for your head is too wide. When I first put them on, I was kind of like, “Oh, that’s nice, they don’t squeeze your head at all.” Then I moved, and they almost fell off. With no wires attached, if they do come off, they aren’t stopping until they crash to the ground. I have an average size head and they grip it so weakly compared to their weight that you can feel them moving around every time you move. If you look down, they slide most of the way off your ears then catch. But, when you look back up, they fall completely off. It’s absolutely unworkable. The only way I could get them to stay on at all was to kind of put them at an angle so they would wedge in place a bit with the band going over the crown of my head towards the rear. That made them feel a little more secure on there, but looks pretty stupid and got uncomfortable very quickly.

    So, the bottom line is, unless you have a super-sized head, they just aren’t secure enough to use them for anything but sitting very still and listening to music. I wouldn’t dare wear them out on a commute or during any other activity because there is a very real risk of them falling completely off with any sudden head movement, especially if you look up or down. Since there aren’t any wires to stop their fall and they are made of such brittle plastics, that would spell almost certain death if you weren’t nimble enough to catch them. It’s also just plain unsettling to feel them shifting around with every little movement you make. It’s too bad. They do sound pretty decent and worked well otherwise, but I would strongly warn against buying these unless you are a very, very sedentary listener.

  • Review by Drunken Master

    Drunken Master
    Just got these yesterday. I thought sound quality was average and a notch lower than the Samsung SBH170 bluetooth headphones I also have. Range was excellent, crystal clear and no skipping when you’re in range. I’m going to use this primarily with my computer and Nokia 5800 when at home. These are definitely not suited for use at the gym or in the train. I also tried out the Sony DR-BT22 and thought sound quality of the BT101 was a tad better. Also, the BT22 was flimsy and I found the fit a little uncomfortable. Now, I have a large head and that’s probably the reason why I found the BT101 pretty comfortable. Yes, the plastics aren’t the best, but a definite improvement over the BT22.

    Annoyances: No wall charger, charges via a mini-usb cable. You would have to be extremely lucky if you’re going to throw these into a travel bag and find them undamaged when you open the bag up.

    I’m going to keep these since I couldn’t find a better pair of headphones at this price. Oh, If you don’t mind spending twice the money on a pair, Get the Samsung SBH600.

  • Review by Christopher L. Gaston

    Christopher L. Gaston
    I got these when promised and used them ASAP, and I’ve got to say that they are the best bluetooth product I now own! I also own to Motorolas and I have tried the Samsung SBH500 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, and these fit better but the sound quality on the music side is a little behind the Samsungs! It may just may be my Nokia phone, but I doubt it. Overall, my opinion of the Sony DRBT101 is great! And I would recommend the Sonys for anybody who has a head slightly larger than a teenager, because the main reason I purchased the Sonys, was the fact that the Samsungs would not fit, and were not adjustible! The Sonys are a better fit all the way around, in size and price.

  • Review by Mark Daniel Johnson

    Mark Daniel Johnson
    i read about the loose fit and the hard times connecting to some computers. no problems here. charged the headset for .5 hrs and then paired it to my acer aspire one in minutes. make sure the bluetooth is activated on your computer and away you go. the fitis comfortable and i have found the “loose” fit that some have complained about, but it only exists if you shake your head vigorously from side to side or are lying down, as the weight of the overhead band will pull towards the ground. sound is good enough for me, though i admit that my experience with headphones is non-existent. i am still tweaking my realtek audio while rocking my boys noize, so i gave sound a 4 for right now. not enough punch for me. but for 40 something dollars i dont think you’ll find a much better deal. definitely look around if you can’t pick these up for around 45 bucks, because there may be something better out there once you get up in the higher price ranges. the pause/play and fwd/rev function work just like they should with my win media plyr. overall i’d give this set of headphones a 4.799 star rating, but only as long as they are puchased within the 40-48 dollar price range.

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