SteelSeries Spectrum 4xB Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

Buying the SteelSeries Spectrum 4xB Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 will help you with your daily functioning. There are reviews for this priced cheap SteelSeries Spectrum 4xB Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 (White).

SteelSeries Spectrum 4xB Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

  • Comfortable XL-sized, hear-through cloth ear cushions with an optimized soundscape for gaming
  • SteelSeries Spectrum AudioMixer connects to and links the headsets to the console
  • Easy access to independent volume controls for the microphone and in-game audio
  • SteelSeries LiveMix, for optimal Xbox LIVE chat and in-game audio
  • 3.5mm mini jacks and RCA connectors for Xbox 360 and PC with a retractable, unidirectional microphone system


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The SteelSeries Spectrum 4xb is the entry-level, wired headset designed for Xbox 360 gamers. The lightweight headset features XL-sized, cloth covered foam ear cushions that fit around the ear, offering players a comfortable audio experience while reducing background noise. The circumaural design enhances the gaming experience through carefully adjusted sound reproduction. Its retractable, unidirectional microphone presents users with adjustable, convenient, and clear voice communication for Xbox.

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3 Responses to “SteelSeries Spectrum 4xB Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

  • Review by nate

    I compared these directly to the 5xb and found the 4xb sound very similar with in game audio. The 4xb are slightly lighter than the 5xb and are as comfortable as the 5xb. I would recommend the 4xb over the more expensive 5xb if you plan on using the headset only for gaming. The 4xb were slightly louder in one ear, while I didn’t notice this in game it is annoying when listening to music. The 5xb have a slightly warmer and smoother sound overall with solid imaging. I think some people will prefer the 4xb for in game audio because the sound has less bass, which allowed me to hear more delicate sounds such as footsteps a little easier. All other differences with the 4xb and 5xb are mainly aesthetic. I also tried the turtle beach x11 and the 4xb easily trumps the x11 in sound quality and comfort. I find it interesting the x11 were also louder in one ear, even more so than the 4xb.

  • Review by Anonymous

    This headset has served me well for quite a while now(5 months++) but beware of crimping the wiring of the adapter(audiomixer). If you don’t treat the cords well they will wear out and periodically it will make a loud buzzing sound for others in your private chat or in-game, similar to how headphones stop working if you crimp up the cords. Other than that they have good sound, decently comfortable(not for long term gaming, 4+ hours).

  • Review by Anonymous

    I purchased this headset over Turtle Beach headset because I was never very impressed with Turtle Beach. I am overall very happy with the headset. The sound is very crisp and has good sound separation. The light weight design along with the great padding allows for a very comfortable gaming experience. I wish the bendable part of the mic was a little stiffer so it would stay in place. Unfortunately though, it isn’t all good reviews. The headset jack that plugs into the controller is easy to break if you aren’t careful, which renders the microphone completely useless, so be gentle when plugging and unplugging the headset.

    Great sound quality
    Extremely comfortable
    Great microphone quality
    Easy to access volume controls

    The jack that plugs in controller is fragile
    Microphone extender a little flimsy.

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