Tritton TRIAX-180 AX 180 Universal Gaming Headset

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Tritton TRIAX-180 AX 180 Universal Gaming Headset

  • Stereo Analog Connection / Inline Audio Controller with Independent Chat Volume Control
  • Voice Compatible with Xbox Live / USB Microphone for Playstation Network /PC/Mac
  • Xbox360, PS3, Mac or PC for Headset with Communication
  • 3.5mm stereo out, or RCA stereo out for stereo playback
  • Removable Microphone


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Tritton Technologies, known for designing and building the best gaming headsets on earth, delivers an affordable precision audio headset – the AX 180. Designed specifically for the XBOX and PS3, the balanced speakers provide rich, full stereo audio while the removable microphone ensures superior voice communication. The convenient inline audio controller features independent voice and game volume controls so you can clearly hear your teammates during those crucial gaming moments. Analog connec

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One Response to “Tritton TRIAX-180 AX 180 Universal Gaming Headset

  • Review by Eric S. Holtam

    I bought these to use with the PS3. The hookup isn’t completely obvious if you want to hook it up to just the PS3 and not through the TV (you need the Multi-AV out cable that came with the PS3, even if you use HDMI). But once I figured out the cabling and configured the PS3 to use the Multi-AV out for sound and HDMI for video it worked great. The stereo sound is good enough to pick up general directions. And I’m hearing sound effects in the game that I didn’t know existed. Its easy to get immersed in the game play that way. So in effect these headphones add value to my $60 games.

    The headset fits comfortably even over my large melon. After a few hours of gaming, though, my jaw starts to feel fatigued from the pressure. But the comfort over the ears is perfect.

    The mic seems to be working fine as other people on line can hear me. Having it detachable is a nice convenience as these could double as standalone headphones.
    The volume/mic controller is well laid out. The mic mute switch is the biggest button on the controller so finding it in the dark is not a problem.

    The only CON I have is when no game audio is playing there is a slight buzzing. From what I understand that is a grounding issue with the PS3, not the headphones. But during the gameplay I can’t hear it even when I try to. I haven’t tried the headphones on anything besides the PS3 so I can’t confirm this.

    The cabling isn’t too bad. The headphone cable is 12′ long which is about where you should be for a 42-50″ HDTV anyway.

    I’d recommend these to anyone wanting to pipe all game play audio and have chat capabilities.

    UPDATE (8/30/10):
    After a few months of using the headphones I’m still satisfied with the sound/mic but as others have had problems with the construction, so have I. There is enough pressure on the ear pads that over time the thin plastic that holds the length adjustments of the headphones to the headband broke. I was lucky enough to have the pieces just fold off instead of break so I was able to McGyver them back into a functioning form with some bits of metal and duct tape. I’m not pleased with the fact they broke within the year but I don’t want to send them back at my cost. I’ll just bear with the cosmetic issue of tape and metal on the headphones. I’m lucky enough to have a head tall enough to allow the extra bulk of having tape wound around the area of the breakage but if I needed to push the headphones closer to the head rest I’d be out of luck. I’d bring the rating down to a 3 star due to the obvious construction issues.

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