UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Purchasing the UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator is simple when you have reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator.

UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

  • Boom-less Microphone with Active Noise Cancellation (effective to 147 mph)
  • Voice activation for hands free calling and pickup (if supported by your phone)
  • Powerful Hi-Fidelity Speakers (20-20.000 Hz)
  • Stream and wirelessly control music using Bluetooth AVRCP
  • Rider-to-Rider Intercom (requires second HB100) communications up to 10 meters (Long distance group communication requires WT300wPTT accessory)


In many states, there are fines for people who are caught talking on a cell phone. Talk in your car without fear of the police pulling you over and giving you a ticket.

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Music, Calls, Intercom. Put military proven technology into your helmet. The HBC100 lets you make a call, intercom or turn up the tunes on the fly while cruising down the highway. The UCLEAR HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator is the industry’s first Boomless microphone helmet communicator. The HBC100 uses advanced audio technology developed for military and industrial applications.

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3 Responses to “UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

  • Review by Stephen Ge

    After searching high and low for a Bluetooth wireless solution to pair with my phone for both music and phone I was about to give up, then I found the Uclear. I installed it and have used it for 1 ride so far. I was able to instal and pair to my windows 7 phone seamlessly. I installed the Bluetooth unit in my scorpion ex-1000 in about 10 minutes. In my particular helmet my left ear is too tight, but this is more due to the fact that I have a pump up air pad for my cheek pads in this helmet and I may have to do some mods for a perfect fit.

    Anyways, the volume is great while at cruising speeds of 70-80 which is normal for me, I should note that I also have a aftermarket pipe with no db killer and it’s loud. (sports bike Yamaha 2011 fz8). I had a coworker call me on my way home. He could hear me clearly with no bike sound in the background which I’m still in shock about. I could hear him fine, but could not tell who exactly it was, but it was damn better than I expected it to be.

    After the call ended my tunes came right back on, love it. With 3 buttons on the unit I was able to easily raise and lower volume as needed. When a call comes in the ringer starts getting louder upon the second ring. I found and tapped the phone button quickly. Very easy to operate with gloves on, seemed intuitive and natural first time I used it.

    Voice was a little tiny on the call, but hey first time I tried it. I have yet to try the helmet to helmet comms. I’m a daily commuter and need some tunes to and from work, but I also like to hear around me and need to be able to easily raise and lower volume on the fly and I an go from 80’s to 30’s quickly with traffic and volume needs to be adjusted. This unit handles that with ease and gives me phone calls to boot all without wires which I’m huge on being wireless, it’s a PIA to deal with wires for a daily commuter. I love convenience and quality and am willing to pay for it, this unit has me happy as he’ll and would highly suggest to my friends in local bike club! Worth the money, get it!!

  • Review by Benny3B

    The UCLEAR HBC100 is AWESOME! My first impressions of the device was that its small, super easy to install and it took less than a minute to pair it with my phone. Secondly, I’m very impressed with sound quality. The music sounds great and is plenty loud. My wife and I both have a set and we both love the intercom feature when we ride together. The hand free pick up makes taking calls on the road a breeze, when I am done with the conversation the music automatically kicks back on. I paired my unit with my iPod touch and my phone. No one can believe I’m on my motorcycle when I talk to them, its great!

    Most importantly I love that there is not a boom mic that I have to try to talk in to!

  • Review by Mr. Hepburn

    Love. It. I’ve had mine for about two weeks. It fit perfectly into my helmet – the lining has a pocket over each ear for the speakers, but I found it’s better to use the little velcro sticky discs and stick the speakers onto the outside of the pocket for maximum volume. I made my own little pads and inserted them into the pockets to push the speackers really close to my ears – ok, this is a bit extreme, but I love music. The fidelity is awesome! The only negatives I can say about them is that the buttons are hard to locate when wearing gloves, and if you don’t get right in the center of the button, which is hard to find with gloves as the shape of the outside doesn’t match the shape of the internal button, they don’t push in every time, but the more I wear them, the more I get to know where to push and the easier it gets, so that’s a minor issue.

    I find that top volume with my padded rig is too loud even for wide open throttle riding, so I run them at one beep less than max. When I’m riding around the city at slow speeds, I drop the volume even more. And the music fidelity? Did I mention they’re awesome? 😀

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