USB Phone Adapter for Skype VOIP Interface Reviews

Before buying USB Phone Adapter for Skype VOIP Interface, take a look at the consumer reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap USB Phone Adapter for Skype. It can connect your home phone to the Skype network without fumbling with mics or headsets.

USB Phone Adapter for Skype, MSN, Yahoo, USB VOIP Interface

  • Fully integrated with Skype for making & receiving calls.
  • All incoming calls to your Skype phone number will be forwarded to your regular phone and will ring just the same as your regular phone call.
  • Just pick up the phone and dial, SkypeOut will be automatically detected and used for long distance call.
  • PC running Windows 2000 or XP. 400 MHz processor or higher 128 MB RAM or higher Free USB port Package
  • USB Phone Adapter Box USB cable Telephone line Driver CD Instruction Manual
  • Compact and unique design.


Keep a cell phone away from your brain to prevent potential health risks.

Buying Guide Questions

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Can the receiver of the call hear your voice without static?

Now you can use your regular home phone for Skype or any VOIP interface! When your regular phone is connected with this adapter, you can dial and receive calls via Skype/VOIP without the need to buyer a SKYPE phone. This adapter allows any desktop/cordless phone to operate as a dialer and speakerphone for Skype!

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2 Responses to “USB Phone Adapter for Skype VOIP Interface Reviews

  • Review by Susanna Hutcheson "Copywriting for the Discri...

    I wanted an extra Skype phone near my easy chair where I do a lot of my work and where I have a laptop. But I didn’t want to buy another Skype phone as I have two already. So I thought I’d try this cheap adapter.

    I was blown away! I didn’t hook it to the land line as I have a land line phone nearby. I also didn’t want to take a chance on making LD calls on the land line.

    So I hooked up a phone I bought at a garage sale for a quarter. I set the Skypemate software to recognize the USB port first, not the land line, which is the default.

    It worked like a dream. I can make regular calls or use the software. When I pick up the phone, Skype pops up. Really neat. I haven’t received a call on it yet so don’t know how that will work. But I mostly use it to call out anyway.

    The really “great” news is that when I made a call to a regular phone, the sound was above par — better than a regular call. Unlike another reviewer, I found the quality of the call far superior to a cell phone and equal to or better than a regular land line call. Whether that was due to my Internet connection or PC or phone, I don’t know. I do know I tried two phones before I used this one. The first phone didn’t give good quality. So it could be you’ll need to try a couple phones. This one I’m using is just a cheap old regular phone.

    I highly recommend this adapter to anyone who uses Skype or any VOIP that it will work with.

    I bought the phone from Cable4Less and I recommend you do the same. Their prices are the best and I can tell you from experience their help is above average and “very” fast. Customer support is an area I really rate on and if it’s bad, I’ll tell the world. There’s no excuse for bad customer support. But if you buy from Cable4Less, you’ll be happy. They’ll do right by you. (I have no financial interest in Cable4Less.)

    I highly recommend this product.

    Update: I’ve not been able to get the adapter to work with both Skype and the Land Line as advertised. As a Skype phone only, it’s perfect. But, at least in my case using a standard, basic telephone (not cordless) the landline won’t work along with Skype. It may be my unit is defective. But that’s my experience thus far.

    Update: I switched phones to try and get the adapter to work on both the land line and Skype. Instead of using my trusty SW Bell desk phone, I used the quarter phone and hooked both up to it. And, it works fine.

    So my conclusion is that the adapter is somewhat particular in the telephone you use. That said, I’m looking forward to really enjoying this. By the way, it’s easy to tell which line you’re on.

  • Review by Steve Haverda "War Panda"

    Plugged this into my USB along with my GE 2.4ghz cordless phone for use in Skype and works awesome! I no longer have a landline, just my cell but wanted to ease the burden of my minutes usage. Even though Skype doesnt assign you your own number you can still outdial anywhere for $35 yr. Using this thingy in my puter and Skpye AND SkypeMate (free d/l from the net) you can use your home line to dial out anywhere. Although you MUST set speed dails to be able to call out without being at the computer (the phone/Skype wont let you dail normally like your used to, you have to either use the computer to dial or use speed-dial codes via the phone). But clarity is great (just so long as im not cloggin my bandwidth in downloads when im calling).

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