WEP870 Mono+Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Black (US)

Buying the WEP870 Mono+Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Black (US) will help you with your daily functioning. There are 8 reviews for this priced cheap WEP870 Mono+Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Black (US).

WEP870 Mono+Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Black (US)

  • Samsung WEP870 Mono + Stereo BT Headset.
  • Samsung WEP870, AWEP870JBECSTA Bluetooth headset measures only 45mm x 18mm x 12mm.
  • Talk and Music Play time up to 6 hours OR Standby time is rated at 150 hours.
  • One-time pairing set-up stays connected with cell phone no matter how many times you turn it off.
  • Genuine Samsung factory original one year warranty applies.


Taking notes while listening to a conversation.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the cell phone ear piece stay on your head?
  • How is the sound clarity?

Samsung Bluetooth Noise Canceling and Stereo Music Streaming Convertible Over-Ear Headset WEP870, AWEP870JBECSTA. For Mono Audio and Stereo with Included Stereo Earbud Lanyard. Black and Chrome Headset Includes Optional Clear Ear Hook. Unique Mono and Stereo Bluetooth Headset: Samsung WEP870, AWEP870JBECSTA Bluetooth Over-Ear headset includes a clear user-changeable ear hook, detatchable Stereo Earbud Headset, User Guide and AC Travel Charger. WEP870, AWEP870JBECSTA allows you to take calls

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Price: $ 27.94

5 Responses to “WEP870 Mono+Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Black (US)

  • Review by Blue Tooth

    Blue Tooth
    I really like the flexibility of this headset. The headset itself works fine for me. I can answer and end calls. Music that is playing fades out when the call starts and resumes smoothly when the call ends. I can return calls and give the iphone commands using voice control. Nice. The earphones work surprisingly well considering in ear headphones are not my favorites for this use (too isolating) and for times when I am in noisy environments, work very well. So, what are the problems. Two show stoppers from my standpoint. First, you cannot start and stop music from the headset. That defeats one of the real advantages of bluetooth stereo headsets. Second, you cannot substitute your own headphone because the connector is microUSB. What is more annoying is that there are microUSB to 3.5mm converters that in theory should permit the use of regular headphones but they don’t work. Samsung seems to have made it proprietary. Too bad. I could have lived with one of these two problems but both makes this a much less desirable solution.

  • Review by speedbird57

    Sound quality is OK but I’m not an audiophile. I can tell it’s stereo. I use this with a Motorola Razr for MP3s and phone calls. It has a little bit of static when paired with my Razr sometimes, nothing crazymakingly annoying, just slightly noticeable once in a while.

    My external auditory canal is size medium on the right side side and slightly smaller size on the left, and these buds will barely fit into my ear on the right side, not at all on the left, so I have to hold them onto my head manually to get the sound, and even then, after a short while they hurt.

    The USB port is not compatible with the USB charging jack on my phone, so I’d have to bring two chargers with me if I were to travel with this.

    I’m unimpressed by the ergonomics of attaching the standalone earpiece to the earbuds. It takes a lot of force (relative to how small the items are) to get the two to latch together, and because they are so small, you can’t get a good grip on them to control them while you are cramming them together. Because you can’t get a good grip on them, I think they might be prone to twisting out of position and breaking while assembling by a klutz such as myself.

    There are two really tiny latches to lock them together, and they are unnecessary and extra possible failure points. USB connectors are a press fit, no need for latches.

    I could see this connection snapping very easily if it was in the bottom of a backpack or a pocket, because:

    The thing is, this connection is not robust structurally or failsafe, either. You have to look at the connector or feel a little raised triangle on one side of the joint to make sure you have the polarity of the connectors lined up. It should be designed so it obviously only goes together one way, and lock together using the structural strength of both sides of the joint, not the strength of the mini USB connector.

    I bought this to replace my lost Motorola S9, and it’s not filling the bill. I didn’t buy another S9 because the earpieces were too vise-like in their clamping action on my head.

    If only this product had earbuds that were larger diameter so they would rest in the ear as opposed to having to insert them.

  • Review by C. Brothers

    C. Brothers
    I use this product primarily to listen to music and sports audio on my computer while my wife monopolizes the TV. I get great sound from a D-Link DBT-120 bluetooth adapter, and pretty good range to the kitchen and bathroom in our 700 sq.ft. apartment. Have also paired it to my LG Env3. Pairing to D-Link is tricky because there is no software or drivers for Windows 7 for D-Link. However it works very well as a cheap, excellent wireless stereo headset solution. I do recommend it to others.

  • Review by Samsung Bluetooth

    Samsung Bluetooth
    When first getting product I was excited knowing I had a wireless device for my cell phone, HAD NO CLUE I could not use it between both of my cellphones.

    The earpiece has now come apart, needing to replace it again, I will go back to using Plantronics (might be more money but it is worth ever penny.

    Nice Try Samsung, please stick with what you been making stay away from blue tooth devices, Thanks a bunch

  • Review by Vista User

    Vista User
    Admittedly I bought them when there was a rebate that made them under $10 each. I wish they would bring that back because I could use some more.

    For the reviewer who said that he had trouble getting them to stay in his ears, buy comply foam tips http://www.amazon.com/Comply-T-400-Foam-Tips-Pair/dp/B001DXGBII/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1286723181&sr=8-1 . They are a little pricey, but come with three pairs (or you can go to the comply web site and buy five pairs) so you can use for other things.

    For the reviewer who complained that there was no way to hook up other items, I have made a connector that converts to a stereo headset jack so that I can plug in other headphones or my car stereo or other device into it. The sound quality is much better that way. I am working on a pinout so that you can make your own (I actually destroyed one of my detachable earbuds to create it). If you are interested, ping me and I’ll post it when I get it.

    For the rest of you, the thing that makes this the only headset for me is that it not only connects via bluetooth as a telephone headset, but it also connects as audio headphones. I haven’t seen any other similar device that does this. This allows one to watch videos or listen to audio through the headset even if the earphones are disconnected, which I find indispensable. I don’t have an iPhone (I have HTC Evo) so I don’t know if it’s the same way, but given this feature I can’t ever see being able to go back to a headset that didn’t have it.

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