Wired 2.5mm Plantronics Boom Headset

Plantronics MX150 Flexible Boom Headset with 2.5 mm Plug Review

Looking at headsets can be a challenge and I know for me it was a rather difficult choice to make. However, I finally decided that I would try the Plantronics MX150 Boom Headset with 2.5 mm Plug. Now this was going to be a change for me, but I was sure that I would like the product and decided that I would share what I thought about this product.

One pro that I found is the clarity of the sound is very good and crisp. This is a wonderful feature since I am hard of hearing as it is, but now I do not have to constantly ask people, “what did you say?,” each time that I answer the phone. Find out more reviews about the sound quality of this product.

Another pro of the item is that I am able to move the item from place to place without having to worry about the weight. That is because this item does not weigh a ton like some of the other headsets I have used.

A third pro that I found is the weight, like mentioned before, is light. This light weight means that I can wear the headset for extended periods of time without having worry about getting a headache. Here is another lightweight headset.

A major con that I discovered was the lack of a mute button. So, if you are turning to ask a question you will run into the problem of the person that you are talking to hearing what you are saying.

Being able to purchase a new headset can be a challenge because so many high quality ones exist. However, I would have to say that even without the mute button being present I would recommend this specific model. Once you do you can experience the same great results that I did when using this one. Buy the Plantronics boom headset.

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