Wired Headset for Telephone Land Lines

Plantronics M214C Headset Reviews

The Plantronics M214C Headset is designed to noise-cancel background noises. Customers feel that the call quality is good, the headset is lightweight with the microphone long enough to meet individual needs, and that the headset is comfortable to wear. Some feel that transmitted voice fidelity is not adequate. Some customers have felt that the headset broke too easily. The headset may be advertised as having noise canceling qualities but others have not noticed this capability. While the headset fits comfortably, breathing might knock out the sound.

Customers seem to feel that sound quality of the headset is a mix of poor quality experiences and some very good experiences. There is an overall feel that the pricing of the headset is better than the negative experiences. Check out the price of this headset. Sometimes people cannot be heard in the microphone over the noise because they feel the noise-canceling microphone design may lead to less fidelity in the sound.

Wired Headphones for Telephones

If a customer needs a headset for their land line, this product might resolve some needs. Most people seem to find the headset’s comfort as the feature they like the most that would convince others to buy it. Some call centers require the use of a phone stereo headset because it’s more comfortable than a conventional phone. It seems that persistent problems with the fidelity of the headset are what have people complaining more than anything else. The mouth piece could wind up being too far away from someone’s mouth to get good sound. The headset might fall off someone’s ear leading to the need to adjust the headset further. Overall, the headset has to be the right fit for anybody who considers the purchase. This wired headset can be good for telephone land lines though. Check out other reviews for this product.

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