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Plantronics Voyager 150 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

The Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset is considered the ultimate wireless device on the market. The device brand head started Bluetooth headset technology. Although the device is considered large for a wireless Bluetooth headset, it is very comfortable and light on the ear. It can be worn all day and it offers exceptional sound and clarity. The headset includes Plantronics’ Multipoint Technology, which allows users to connect the Bluetooth headset up to no more than two devices at one time. Buy the Voyager 150 headset now.

Multipoint technology allows users to switch from their laptop, PDA or mobile phone at any given time. The technology knows which device is being used at what time, and can be switched with just a touch of a button. The 510 also allows switching between office and home phones. It literally replaces the need for a landline headset.

The 510 headset also includes WindSmart technology, which improves clarity in noisy and windy environments, and the mic part of the device, known as the boom, folds away for easy storage. The boom swivels allowing for easy adjustment on either ear. The one control easy buttons are easy to access, and allow for redialing the last number called with a press of one button. The Bluetooth headset enabled device can be used for up to 33 feet from the device. The device supports AFH, Adaptive frequency hopping, to protect it from Wi-Fi network interference. It offers 6 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time. Consider this VOIP headset for the office too for your needs.

The device is well appreciated by those who live busy life styles. It is great as well for conference calls, or for those who need to multi-task and would like their hands free. The hearing impaired also favor this device because it has good volume and the increased volume does not hinder its exceptional clarity. Read more reviews about this product.

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