Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset Reviews

Cheap prices for Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset are available to purchase now. There are reviews for this priced cheap Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset.

Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset

  • Gaming stereo headset for Xbox 360 Built-in amplifier for optimal sound Also suitable as PC headset via 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Two high quality 40 mm speakers
  • Simple connection via analog interface (RCA) Microphone connected to Xbox 360 controller (2.5 mm plug) Supports Xbox Live
  • Flexible, detachable microphone,
  • In-line amplifier for powerful games sound output, master volume control and microphone mute, separate volume control for voice communication (Xbox Live)


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Buying Questions

  • Is it the right size? For your head and ear?
  • How is the sound clarity?

Sophisticated in design and technology with the X-Tatic SX you gain a state-of-the-art stereo headset especially created for your Xbox 360 giving you the crucial sound advantage for epic gaming sessions. Simply connect the X-Tatic SX to your Xbox 360 through the analog interface and instantly experience a whole new world of sound delivered by the built-in amplifi­er. Easily conjure your personal sound using the in-line volume controller while chatting with your friends via Xbox Live.

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2 Responses to “Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset Reviews

  • Review by Stewy

    I bought this headset to play COD Black OPS on my Xbox 360. I was not very familiar with Sharkoon but after reading some reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I must say I am amazed at the sound quality in these, it’s like you are in the middle of the game. It doesn’t adverstise it, but I really can’t hear anything else outside when I have these on. I also looked at the Earforce X11, but I even liked the look of these better.
    I wore it for a few hours and it didn’t even feel like anything was on my head. The cable that it comes with is a long,heavy, sturdy cable, so I dont have to worry about it when I run over it with my chair! With a detachable microphone, simple set up, comfort and great sound quality at a great price, what more do you need?

  • Review by M. N. HANGEN

    So I’d read the previous 3 reviews and I decided that I would give sharkoon a try. I looked into turtle beaches similar headset which is the x11 but I really wasn’t pleased with a 4 star rating. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a headset. This headset however has surprised me with out a doubt. I’ve tried this on Battlefield Bad Company 2. I have to say what a great addition this is to any gamers collection. I can’t say that it will make you a number 1 player but it will enhance your experience and also help you hear the things you cannot on just standard television sound. The sound is crisp, and bass is great. I don’t think anyone could go wrong by purchasing this. I like the look and feel of it. It is light weight.. Looks pretty cool.. Overall I am surprised how much greater my gaming experience was. My husband tried it because I insisted it sounded just like you were on the battlefield. His remarks were “how much was this? I want one. Make it happen..” So there are actually TWO satisfied gamers here. I will most likely be purchasing another one soon for my husband. Take a chance on this you won’t regret it!

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