Yapster TM-YW100A Universal Gaming Headsets

Planning to buy Yapster TM-YW100A Universal Gaming Headsets (White) so make sure to read the reviews. There are reviews for this priced cheap Yapster TM-YW100A Universal Gaming Headsets (White).

Yapster TM-YW100A Universal Gaming Headsets (White)

  • Yapster features a very comfortable over the ear design with a padded headband that will provide hours of enjoyment
  • The drop down boom microphone on Yapster makes it easy to use and position when communicating with others
  • Super comfortable fit and listening/chatting versatility is what you’re looking for without all the HYPE
  • Simply high quality stereo music listen on your MP3 player
  • 3.5mm mini jack


You can talk on your cell phone while operating a vehicle such as a car.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the headset fit your head? Or ear?
  • Does it install easily?

Don’t be Cry Babies and Don’t Spend Big Bucks for Awesome Headphones! Now you don’t need to spend a fortune for a high quality, multiple-use stereo headsets. If quality sound reproduction, super comfortable fit and listening/chatting versatility is what you’re looking for without all the HYPE!!! Then these babies are the perfect headset for you. Yapster Universal Headphones were designed for a large audience of users ranging from everyday online computer uses such as PC gaming or internet chat

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4 Responses to “Yapster TM-YW100A Universal Gaming Headsets

  • Review by Elizacraft

    This does not come with a USB hook up. I’m personally happy about that. It frees up my other two USB ports. It comes with a two pronged hook-up, for the microphone port and the headphone port. You can plug in just one or both, depending on your needs.

    Just make sure you have a mic and headphones port on your computer, the small round ones. (I don’t know the technical term.)

    If I just want to listen to music, I can use the headset alone. If I just need the mic, I can unplug the headphone jack from the port and have my computer’s sound come through the speakers. The mic still functions.

    It’s very comfortable, unlike some headphones. I can wear it for hours and forget I have it on. The sound is great, and the microphone seems to work well for my gaming needs.

    One tiny negative would be that it encloses your ears completely. So hearing the sounds around you can be somewhat difficult. That can be a positive as well, though, since it blocks out other noises.

    Over all, this is a great uncomplicated device. I plugged it in, and it worked!

  • Review by Serg "Serg"

    Yapster TM-YW100A – nice sound quality, sensitive mic. I checked mic in Corel Video Studio Pro X2. Recording quality: loud, clear, no white noise. I liked it. Sound is great also! Good enough bass and high frequencies.
    Fit exactly for my ears. Feels a little tight, but if you want to unbend it be aware that it is plastic under soft leather so be careful.
    Headphones have volume control, mute button. Both work so far flawlessly.
    Very nice design. Mid size. Cord 168 cm though not 2.2m as in description, but it’s still long enough to not pluck off if you will stand up suddenly. The mic handle is very pliable and long enough for anybody’s head. It’s about 7.5” or 19 cm from plastic part of center of connection with headphone to the end of plastic part of microphone. You can bend it on anyway you want. Very handy!Other characteristics:

    3.5 mini-jack;

    Noise reduction design (however I’d recommend adjust it lower otherwise your breath from nose will be heard);
    Frequency response: 30 – 16Khz
    Sensitivity: -59 db


    Frequency response: 20 – 20KHz
    Sensitivity: 100db
    Max power input 50mW

    Right price, right size, right headphones with microphone – right on, right on!

    Update: 6 months later I bought some unbranded VOIP/SKYPE Headset w/Microphone which was cheaper and I regretted it. As old says don’t buy to cheap – you’ll pay twice. It was a step down after Yapster. So, on the second day I ordered from Yapster and received (in couple days) my well known TM-YW100A. It’s my second headset (first one was taken from me by my kid) and I still happy with it. Microphone quality is outstanding and so sound quality.

    The only thing I’d highly recommend to Yapster Company is to include the Microphone Cover which is noticeably reduce a breath noise.

    The rest is awesome!
    Long life to Yapster! :-)
    I still recommend it very much.

  • Review by zeb

    this is a circumaural headset, which means, it captures sound from 360 degrees while playing in a first person shooter pc game. i find the bass very deep for a headset. this affordable headset is excellent. did alot of research to enhance my gaming and spent needless amounts of money to find that “perfect” headset for under $30, and i finally found a “near perfect” one.

    great bass sound
    great surround 3D immersive feel
    good quality mic
    mic length adjustable
    mic on/off switch
    volume control

    headset kinda feels flimsy. don’t care, it’s cheap.
    cord is only 6 feet long, good for me, hate tripping over cord.
    earpiece feels kinda tight but comfortable, may irritate ear cartilage with prolonged usage.

    i’m still amazed at the quality of sound this thing produces! when i first put this on and got into a game…i said to myself, “WOW!”. the old saying…”you get what you pay for” isn’t true at all in this case.

  • Review by Ermira

    I have a question. I’m very deiclate with the stuff i buy, but i broke this thing. It has some very bad plastic thingies on the side, which can easily break. Creative, is there any warranty?

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